AARP Phones for Seniors – Discounts and Plans

Who said that the elderly do not need cell phones and phone plans? No matter your age, a mobile phone is essential to connect to your loved ones. A mobile phone will also make it easier for them to contact you. This is the idea behind the AARP cell phones for seniors.

AARP stands for American Association of Retired Persons. It’s a non-profit organization based in the US, aiming to help seniors in various aspects of their lives. 

The Benefits of Having Phone Plans for Seniors

While they may find it challenging at first to use phones and cell phone service, seniors will realize the benefits of having phone plans after owning one. Recent statistics show an improvement with the elderly acquiring phone plans for seniors.

AARP came up with the initiative to offer cell phone plans, AARP cell, AARP phone, and cell phone discounts to the elderly. This way, they won’t feel isolated when they have phones for seniors AARP and help them in ways, such as:

  • Give peace of mind using an AARP phone. They will have peace of mind knowing that they can reach out for assistance whenever needed. Their loved ones will also feel secured and less worried because they can quickly get in touch with them through the phones for seniors AARP.
  • Entertainment through an AARP phone. Many phones these days serve many functions aside from talk, text, and data. The seniors can choose phones for seniors with games, movies, or music, depending on how they will find it easy to navigate the added features.
  • Keep them socially active. After mastering the use of cell phones for seniors or an AARP cell phone in calling and texting, the elderlies can move forward to other advanced messaging apps that will make them more aware and keep them connected to more people. They can learn how to use social media and online messaging apps.
  • Use an AARP phone as a health monitor. There are phones where they can download easy-to-use apps to monitor their weight, blood pressure, pulse, or how many steps they’ve taken per day.

More about AARP Cell Phones from Various Phone Service Providers

Note that AARP is not a cell phone provider. It does not have an exclusive line of an AARP phone or a phone plan. It only paved the way for its senior members to enjoy the benefits of their chosen cell phone plan. Through AARP membership, AARP members can get and choose cell phone plans and phones for seniors, depending on the providers.

The Available AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

Here are some of the best cell phone plans from various cell phone service providers and deals when it comes to AARP cell phones for seniors:

1. Sprint Deals for an AARP Member

Sprint gives AARP discount to AARP members. This reputable provider offers substantial discounts on phones for seniors per line. The promos continuously change, so you have to get updates when you can take advantage of the deals. At times, they offer AARP discounts upon purchase of a new phone, and other times, you can only use the discounts along with a monthly plan.

You can try calling their support team at 888-211-4727 to learn more about what they offer AARP, the AARP benefits, how to postmark the rebate form, monthly fees, and discounts for AARP members they have in their promos.

2. TracFone Phone Discounts

This wireless provider and cellular service offers an AARP discount and other prepaid wireless and mobile phone plans. You are entitled to get a flip phone per line if you want as an AARP member. The current models they have of this type are the Alcatel Myflip (A405DL) and ZTE Z233. Both models were reconditioned to make it easier for the elders to use them and make the phone plans more budget-friendly.

You can get in touch with the support service of TracFone to learn more about the AARP discounts, how to get a discount or avail a new phone, and what AARP cell they provide via 1-800-867-7183. You can reach them all days of the week from 8 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

3. Great Call Deals for an AARP Member

Great Call has been specializing in mobile and phone plans intended for senior citizens and offers good AARP discount per line. You can get regular AARP benefits and AARP cell phones from this company. They now have $60 per year plans and other discounted plans.

You can choose among Jitterbug phones, such as the Jitterbug Flip phone or smartphone, the Jitterbug Smart2. Aside from the Jitterbug phones, they also offer devices that can be a lifesaver, including the Lively Wearable 2 and Lively Mobile Plus.

You can learn more about their latest mobile deals, the other Jitterbug phones available, how to get a discount, monthly fees, and AARP discounts by calling Great call support at 800-733-6632.

4. Verizon Wireless Deals for an AARP Member

Verizon Wireless is a big-time provider that always has plans intended for senior citizens. They also offer AARP discounts from time to time, so you have to inquire before purchasing. They offer special deals occasionally for AARP members that give big discounts on devices and plans.

Currently, Verizon offers good phone deals for people 55 years old and above. For two active lines, you will get saving for up to $40 per month. This is a good deal for senior siblings or couples who rely a lot on their phoned and want to stay connected to their loved ones.

You can call your local Verizon dealer and customer support service to know more about the latest mobile offerings, including how to get a 5 discount, special discounts for seniors, and other AARP deals.

5. T-Mobile

While this giant wireless company doesn’t have specific plans and services for seniors or an AARP discount, they offer special deals for people 55 years old and above. This is the same deal you can get when you avail of a T-Mobile plan using your AARP membership.

They might have special discounts and rebate form for people with an AARP membership card, so check your local dealer before choosing a plan. At the moment, the cheapest plan comes at 

$27.50, which most seniors may find pricey. They have three plans available, such as the Magenta® Plus Unlimited 55, Magenta® Unlimited 55, and the Essentials Unlimited 55.

Call them to learn more about their promos and if they have something for AARP members. You can reach their customer support at 1-800-937-8997.

6. Cricket Wireless for Cricket AARP Promos

For AARP members who will buy a smartphone from Cricket Wireless, you will get a $20 Visa promotion card as an AARP discount. This Visa promotion card is an excellent offer for senior citizens who want to maximize the use of a smartphone and are open to installing and learning how to use various apps to their advantage.

The offer comes with specific Cricket Wireless phone models. You have to keep in touch with the support team of Cricket Wireless to find out more about the available Cricket AARP plans and AARP cell phones available for AARP members. You can reach them 10 AM to 10 PM ET on Sundays and from 7 AM to 12 AM ET Mondays to Saturdays at 611 or from your phone or 1-800- 274-2538.

Today, the Cricket Wireless deals for AARP members are no longer available. However, you can still contact their customer service if you have any queries regarding previously acquired devices or consumer cellular plans or you want to find out when they will have a Cricket AARP plan.

7. AT&T

This big-time wireless provider offers AT&T’s Signature Program with a $10 discount per month for AARP members. The company has been consistent in working with AARP to provide their members good deals for AARP cell phone at prices they can afford. The offer does not include the unlimited AT&T plans.

The company also gives a 15% discount for people with an AARP membership when buying certain phone accessories and mobile phones. The fastest way to apply and purchase from AT&T is through online deals. Although for senior citizens, you may want to ask assistance from your local dealers.

For in-store enrollment of the plans for your AARP cell phone, don’t forget to bring your AARP membership card or AARP member ID. Look for an in-store expert and mention the code, 6039461.

You can call them 8 AM to 11 PM ET, Saturdays to Sundays, and 8 AM to 12 AM ET Mondays to Fridays at 888-333-6651. Inquire about their latest deals, especially regarding AARP discounts and exclusive AARP members’ benefits. You may also want to throw in your questions regarding warranty and money-back guarantee.

8. Consumer Cellular

To date, Consumer Cellular offers the best deals for AARP members. This big and widely recognized wireless provider offers a wide range of plans to benefit the senior citizens, especially those with AARP membership.

The lowest plans they have for seniors start at $10. They also provide the Consumer Cellular Doro phones, which are senior-friendly and straightforward. AARP members can also avail themselves of the 5% discount per month for the cost of their mobile plans. They are also entitled to a 30% slash off the price of cell phone accessories.

AARP members who avail of a new Consumer Cellular line are given a huge $50 discount. Aside from the warranty, the company also provides its clients a money-back guarantee lasting 45 days.

What makes the company’s offers more exciting is that you get to choose from a wide array of phone models from Consumer Cellular. There are free phone models, such as the Motorola W259. The other phone models come with big discounts, like the Samsung A177 with a price tag of only $40.

Many seniors choose Consumer Cellular standard phones and plan with flip phones because they are easier to use. You can also request other phones depending on what you want and need.

You can reach them at Search Results (888) 345-5509. Get in touch with the Consumer Cellular support team to learn more about the available AARP discounts, discounts for seniors, phone accessories, and other phone deals. You may also want to ask about the other Consumer Cellular offer they have.

Final Note on Cell Phone Plans and AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

It is better to keep in touch with your loved ones using AARP phones and the people within your social network with the constantly changing times. This is especially true when you are a senior citizen. Thanks to AARP and the AARP cell phones the organization offers, it is now easier to get this done using a senior cell.

You have many AARP phones’ options when it comes to the deals available for AARP members. One of the best deals you can look into are the plans provided by Consumer Cellular.

The bottom line here is to weigh your plan options and in which cell phone providers you can save money. Ask yourself which plans, and lines of service are best suited for you to get in touch with your family and friends and buy that one.

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