AT&T Deals for Existing Customers

AT&T is a telecommunications company that has been around for decades and is currently leading in wireless internet technology. AT&T’s network is almost as big as the Verizon network, which is currently the biggest. AT&T offers excellent mobile services, but their plans are a bit costly.

One way of bypassing the cost of these plans is to take advantage of the numerous AT&T deals. These deals include promos and best deals for new customers who are switching to AT&T from other carriers and want to buy a new phone via several monthly fees payment plans.

 AT&T does not always offer discounts on wireless internet plans. Still, they offer their existing customers’ gifts and incentives like prepaid gift cards and access to HBO Max but remember terms and conditions apply. The phone brands are registered trademarks of their manufacturers. Here is how to get the best deals available:

What deals Does AT&T have for existing customers?

AT&T has over 40 smartphone deals that are available in their online stores. Here are some of them:

#1. All iPhone 12 Series Devices

Get the latest iPhone with this fantastic AT&T deal by:

  • Trading in an eligible and compatible device, then signing up for or upgrading to an AT&T unlimited internet data plan. While terms and conditions apply, this gets you an automatic $700 off iPhone 12 series: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone Pro Max, which are all registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

The new iPhones have a new design, more reliable and sturdier, with the camera upgrades, entertainment, and internet connectivity even better. This deal is for both new and existing customers who want an iPhone upgrade and seamless internet browsing.

#2. Samsung Galaxy Note20

Make huge savings with these best deals from Samsung’s newest phone. Pay only $10/month for the Galaxy Note20 via AT&T service, and make a significant saving of $700. The new Note20 is a revolutionary smartphone built for entertainment and work, and browsing the internet has never been easy. It has the best quality software. You will be glad you took advantage of the AT&T perk-heavy plan, which gives you up to 100GB of internet data and free access to HBO Max, their terms and conditions of AT&T apply.

#3. Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

This deal bites off a huge chunk of these phones’ prices. When you trade-in an eligible phone on a new line, you get to save $700 on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are registered trademarks of Apple. The iPhone Pro is almost a year old but is still among the best quality phones around with excellent service and entertainment. It has a fantastic camera, internet connectivity, and overall, it does not disappoint. It comes with the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan, which has numerous perks for well-qualified customers and prioritized internet data, and terms and conditions apply.

#4. The $500 Discount Deal

The $500 discount is on credit, so if you buy a smartphone at retail, a price of under $500, you get the phone for free. The offers are usually for a limited period, so it would be wise to check before buying because they may not be available. 

The requirements to participate in this offer are to buy any phone from AT&T, which should be on a monthly installment plan. Trade-in an eligible device in good condition and should be at least worth $40. For well-qualified customers, and depending on the customer credit history, the customer may either be required to pay a down payment or not. Other terms and conditions may apply.

The customer gets a new line on the existing account, then buys an unlimited data plan, which is not less than $80, then activates the line. The customer pays the required taxes and fees such as upgrade and activation charges and starts enjoying the discount on credit for three bill cycles. The discounted amount is given to the customer within thirty monthly installment fees. Terms and conditions apply.

#5. The $300 Deal

By upgrading your line, and the trade-in of your good-quality phone, you can get a massive discount of $300 from AT&T service. You can also buy a device eligible for this deal on a monthly installment plan and get the same discount.

Upgrading your existing line needs upgrade fees and an unlimited data service plan costing not less than $80. Since you will get a $300 discount paid in 30 mo, you can buy a new smartphone device. Head to the AT&T online store, choose your preferred phone and service it in monthly installments. You may or not need to pay a down payment depending on your payment history. You will also have to pay taxes and other relevant fees, which are not included in the offer.

#6. AT&T Prepaid Plans for Existing Customers

The AT&T network offers four monthly internet data plans. Two of these are limited internet data plans, while the other two are unlimited internet data plans. This AT&T deal is for the unlimited internet data plans, which are limited for service in the US only. The talk time and text plan can, however, be used in Canada and Mexico. If you are 55+ years old and using a basic cell phone, you can check out the AT&T cell plans for seniors. Here are some of the offers:

#7. Save $15 Monthly

This unlimited plan actually monthly cost is $65. If you have an autopay activated, you get a paperless bill where you can pay $50, an unlimited internet data service plan. Still, during service network congestions, available speeds go down. You can also watch videos with SD quality at not more than 1.5Mbps, and you cannot use the mobile hotspot. However, you get the best in unlimited text and talk time within the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. Terms and conditions apply.

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#8. Save $15 every month With Watch TV with HBO Max.

This is an excellent unlimited data plan for all AT&T existing and well-qualified customers. When you pay via autopay, you get a paperless bill and pay $70 instead of $85, and this includes WatchTV and entertainment shows like HBO Max. The unlimited internet data plan includes 10GB with a hotspot data allowance sharing at full speed. After this, the available speeds decrease to 128Mbps. The AT&T terms apply when you have used up 22GB before the month ends. You also get the best in unlimited text and talk time within the US, Canada, and Mexico.

#9. AT&T TV/Internet Combo Deal

AT&T is known for having the best deals that include 55,000 on-demand titles and Live TV. You also get 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage so that you can save all your favorite entertainment TV programs on HBO Max or other channels. 

These TV plans have access to over 5000 available apps, including HBO Max, Pandora, and Netflix, which are all used under license and remain the property of their respective owners. With these TV and internet combo deals, qualified customers can enjoy at least $250 worth of reward cards and a monthly $20 discount.

For uninterrupted video stream service, you need a minimum of 8Mbps per stream, and you need a high-speed internet connection for this. Go to the AT&T website and check the offer because it may not be available. The reward cards are given to qualified customers in three stages. 

First, you receive a $100 reward when you buy an AT&T TV and internet package. The TV plan must cost $49.99 per month or more, and the internet needs to be 25Mbps or more, with a $40 per month package or higher.

The other $100 reward card comes with another AT&T TV package and the $50 when you get another 25Mbps or higher internet package. When you receive an email with the requirements you need to have for the redemption, you need to respond within 75 days, and in 3 or 4 weeks after the redemption, you will receive the reward card.

#10. AT&T Military Deals

AT&T values the military men and women, and the phone company created jobs for the veterans and their families. They also have some deals for these great men and women.

On the AT&T Unlimited Elite &More internet data plan, you can get a 25% discount on your paperless bill, and they also have various monthly savings plans. Qualified customers for these discounts are if you are active in the military, a veteran, a spouse to an active military man or woman, or spouse to deceased military personnel, and you hold a defense sponsorship card that is still valid. For an active military person, you need an email address to prove you are in the US army. For veterans, you need a valid ID for proof. After the company verifies, the discount is given in three paperless bill cycles.

#11. AT&T Thanks

This deal thanks AT&T existing customers, and like many offers from most carriers, you do not need to collect points to be a part of the program. There are three benefit tiers.

  • Blue: Enabled when you pay for any plan, whether high-speed internet connection, TV package or wireless plans
  • Gold: You get this by selecting any two of the core services mentioned in Blue tier: TV, High-speed internet plans and wireless plans
  • Platinum: When you pay for all three services, you can buy 15GB and above internet data or a TV package with over 240 entertainment channels such as HBO Max, used under license, and which remain the property of their respective owners. When you subscribe and sign up for discounts, you can enjoy discounted service, exclusive food items, and premium entertainment movie tickets.


Does AT&T have Buy one get one free?

Yes, they do. Buy two phones you service with monthly installment fees. The second new phone is paid for by AT&T. Buy a new line for the existing account and pay taxes for both devices, purchase an AT&T unlimited data plan, and then pay the upgrade fees of $30. After verification, you start receiving the monthly installment fees for a maximum of 30 mo.

How can I get AT&T to lower my Paperless bill?

You can lower your paperless bill by:

  • signing up for autopay service and getting a discount off your paperless bill
  • Switching to prepaid service
  • Add more lines. A line on AT&T’s starter plan is $65 per month, but if you get four lines on that plan, the amount drops to $35 inclusive of taxes and other fees.

Does AT&T offer free phone upgrades?

There are free upgrades, and a customer picks a phone that he/she will pay for in monthly fees installment plans or trade-in an eligible device in good condition and worth over $40.

Why Use AT&T?

There are several reasons why AT&T is a favorite service with millions of people.

  • Network

One of the reasons why AT&T should be your cell phone service plan for every customer is that the carrier has a firm nationwide and readily available network. Coverage reliability tests done by independent entities show that AT&T’s network consistently falls in second place after Verizon. Choose AT&T if you care more about getting excellent service in more areas.

  • Features

Cell phone plans from AT&T may not be cheap in comparison to other carriers, but they have numerous unique features. For instance, AT&T’s Unlimited Plus plan includes:

  • A hotspot data allowance of 15GB.
  • HD streaming.
  • Free HBO Max (used under license).
  • Unlimited talk time and text to Canada and Mexico.
  • Convinience

The size of AT&T makes it a considerable presence in the USA, which makes it easier if you want some talk time with a customer care agent in person, and not on the phone or online. They have over 2,200 available retail locations that are company-owned, so they are always conveniently available to service any customer.

Taking your Cell Phone to AT&T

Switching from one carrier to another is a tricky affair for the customer because most of them work with varying cellular technologies and may not be available for other networks as most are locked. A phone that works on one network will not necessarily be compatible with another network. The basic rules are:

  • Typically, an older phone from Verizon and Sprint is not a compatible device with the AT&T network.
  • An older cell phone from T-Mobile might be a compatible device with AT&T
  • Most current smartphones will work across all the carriers

If you bought your device directly from a third-party dealer, it is most likely that it will be a compatible device with the AT&T network.

How To Get a Free iPhone 12


If you are an existing AT&T customer, you can enjoy the discounts on offer for existing customers. If you are on another carrier, you can either switch to AT&T or find out if your carrier has similar offers.

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