What is a GSM Unlocked Phone? -All You Need To Know

GSM Unlocked Phone
  • Technology is the mark of the new era. What differentiates us from the millennial period, apart from the clothing and lifestyle, of course, is our technology. Our technology is way advanced than theirs. Each rising dawn unfolds with it something new that keeps everyone mesmerized. 
  • One such advancement in this technology is with CDMA technology. CDMA tech was used for telecommunication and was a favorite for many countries. It served them well, and perfect is the best word that can be used to describe it. With time, however, and advancement in technology, arose the GSM network technology. This proved to be more advanced and better than its predecessor. 
  • GSM network technology has brought along with it lots of goodies- faster internet connections, the 3G network, a stable and more reliable network signal. Its presence in the market limited and outdid the CDMA technology. Its perks are wider and better.
  • With the GSM network tech comes the GSM phones. So, what are these phones? GSM phones come in two categories, the locked and unlocked phones. Locked phones are normally tied down to one service provider. This is the total opposite of the unlocked phones. These aren’t tied down to any provider, and you have the freedom of switching from one provider to another without any restrictions.  
  • As mentioned, the locked phones are restricted to only one service provider, and you can imagine the limitations of this. Companies such as Total Wireless was famous for producing these phones. Then came new FCC guidelines, which prompted the use of one phone for different service providers and to unlock your phone without any problems. 
  • If you’re interested to know more about the GSM unlocked phones and everything about them, then you are in the right place. This article looks into GSM phones, where to find them and the service providers compatible with these phones. There’s lots of exciting and interesting info lined up for you. Read ahead!

Unlocking a GSM Phone

How do you get your GSM phone unlocked? You might be wondering. Well, one thing that you should know is that GSM phones aren’t manufactured by the usual telecommunication companies such as Verizon or AT&T. Individual electronic companies are the ones responsible for the manufacture of these phones. These companies operate globally, with a few of them being based in the USA only. 

These companies boast of being in the market for ages, and with these, they know their way around GSM phones. They are able to provide you with phones of different varieties. Everything concerning these phones is familiar to them. 

Before getting yourself a GSM phone, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration. These factors are as discussed below.


The cost of the phone is essential and something that everyone has to consider. You want to go for something that is affordable and within your budget. Don’t settle for something that you’ll have to break your bank to own it. If by any chance, you are short of cash, there is no need to worry. There are some service providers who sell these phones in hire purchase and will allow you to pay for the phone in installments.


The durability of the phone is also another essential factor. Settle for a phone that is durable and will last you for a year, at least. This is unless you’re looking to upgrade to a better phone in the near future. Otherwise, get a phone that will make you forget about purchasing a new device any time soon. This will also prove to be economical. Such phones come with the best quality design and also good hardware capabilities.

Security Patches

Next in line are the security patches incorporated in your phone. Cyber attacks are real and growing rampant with time. You want to keep your personal information private and intact. With this, you should settle for a phone that is incorporated with the best high-end security patches in a bid to prevent any cyber-attack.


It isn’t without saying that the performance of a phone is critical. The performance of the phone should be a reliable one and should see you perform different operations with ease. Such operations include loading and switching of apps, sending messages, and making phone calls, among others. 

To know whether the performance of a phone is excellent, you should check the specifications that come on the package of your GSM phone. If these specs are in line with your conditions, then you can go for it. 

GSM phones are available in a wide range of electronic stores. You can also purchase them from online stores such as Amazon. There is an array of options in the market when it comes to GSM phones, and you shouldn’t settle for anything other than the best.

Devices that are GSM Compatible

In order to know whether your phone is GSM compatible, you will require a sim card whose service provider uses the GSM network. If the sim card works, then you will know that your device is compatible. Another way to go about this the information that comes on the packaging of the device. Here, you get all the information you need about the phone, including the specs, bandwidth, and so much more.

There are top brands which boast of being prodigies when it comes to the manufacture of GSM phones. These brands hold the best GSM phones that the market has to offer you. Moreover, and advantage with them is that they are global and you can use their phones when located in any country around the world. They are as outlined below:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • ZTE
  • Panasonic
  • Kyocera among other more.

Unlocking your GSM Phone

Having a GSM phone isn’t just the end of it. You need to unlock it. Unlocking your GSM phone opens you to a lot of things, and you can now use it for different service providers and in different countries. The network that your phone comes in might not be the best, and you may want to switch to your favorite network provider. 

If this is the case, then you need to unlock your GSM phone. Here are the steps to follow in unlocking your GSM phone.

Get an unlocking code 

The first step is to find yourself an unlocking code. Unlocking codes are available on many platforms, both online and offline. One of the best options, however, that we recommend is Cnet

Finish Paying for Your Phone

If you purchased your phone through hire purchase, you need to finish paying for it first. Your phone will remain locked until you do so. For your phone to be unlocked, you need to complete the payment with the providers, and then they will unlock it for you. If you are purchasing a new GSM phone, ensure that it is unlocked. 

What Service Providers work with a GSM phone? 

Two names come up when we’re talking about standard service providers that deal with issuing of GSM phones; T-Mobile and AT&T. There are, however, other options, and you aren’t only limited to these two. Others include mobile virtual network operators who lease networks from these two, whereas others own them fully.

Some of the best MVNOs options that the market has to offer are inclusive of Straight talk wireless, Metro PCS, and Cricket Wireless. MVNOs are different from the standard service providers in that they don’t own any network towers. Moreover, they are also cheaper than the standard service providers, and you can always turn to them if you want to save yourself that extra cash. 

MVNOs come with different monthly plan options that you can choose from. Different perks have different advantages and come at different prices. You settle for one that suits you best and is friendly to your pocket.   

GSM Architecture


There you have it- we have come to the end of our article. And as promised, we have provided you with all the relevant info that you need to know about GSM phones. It is with no doubt that GSM phones are way better when compared with other devices. What these phones bring to the table are flexibility and diversity.

Once you have unlocked your GSM phone, you can use it with any service provider and in any country around the world. In addition, the performance of these phones is top-notch. Their hardware quality is great, and their network signals are reliable. With the advancement from GSM to LTE, you should go for a device that is compatible with both GSM and LTE. This comes in handy in areas where the LTE network is poor, and you can always switch back to GSM.

Next time you are at the store looking for a phone, GSM phones are the way to go. If you are purchasing a new one, ensure that it is unlocked if you’re short of cash, no need to worry. You can always settle for the hire purchase option. 

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