Top 5: Best Long Distance Friendship Touch Lamps

  • Are you in a long-distance relationship and are struggling to connect with your partner? You don’t have to fight anymore due to forgetting to call or send them a text. Our busy schedules have made such methods hard to maintain. Spice things up by connecting with your loved one through the use of a long-distance touch lamp.
  • It comes with preinstalled Wi-Fi designed to help people who are miles apart keep in touch. They can connect via the internet. As soon as you touch your lamp, your partner’s lamp should light up and your love message sent to them. You can even send your favorite love songs to one another. Awesome right? Go through this review to find out the different types of touch lamps on Amazon that you can choose.

How long-distance touch lamps work

Now that you have a clue regarding the specific features you can find from a touch lamp, let us focus on its mechanism. These lamps connect over Wi-Fi. They work in pairs such that touching one triggers the other to light up. They can communicate with each other since they contain a unique identification number.

How to choose the right touch lamp

If you go through most of the touch lamps reviews, you will find some complaints from people that report that some models do not function as expected. You can avoid such frustrations by knowing the exact things to look for in a touch lamp. Sites such as Amazon are also ideal places to buy these lamps since it outlines the description for each form to help you make an informed decision. Before you start shopping, consider the following:

Power adapter

Since these lamps can connect from very far, you need to choose the right adapter for them to work efficiently. An adopter eliminates any inconveniences in case you or your partner moves to a different location. 

Wi-Fi connection

You also need a reliable internet source for your lamp to work. Avoid compatibility issues by knowing the Wi-Fi bands that a touch lamp connects to. Both you and your friend should know the Wi-Fi band to use so that your touch lamps can work effectively


Not every touch lamp can illuminate different colors. While some display a particular set of 3 colors, others can display numerous colors. You have to know the colors that a lamp produces before buying one


If you and your friend are in different time zones, you may not enjoy the most out of your touch lamps. Before buying this lamp, you should also consider your partner’s job and accommodation to determine if it is the right way of connecting


 From the reviews, you can tell that each model has some distinct features. Be on the lookout for unique features such as glare since excess light can lead to a bad experience. If you or your partner is light sensitive, you should choose a touch lamp that has adjustable glaring feature


Due to the technology and quality materials used to make these lamps, you should be aware that they are expensive. Ensure you can afford the lamp you have been eyeing to avoid disappointments. You can also consider saving for a certain period if the price is a bit higher than you anticipated. Alternatively, try comparing different touch lamps online for you to find one that is within your budget.


Your style also determines the type of touch lamp you choose. You want to buy one that makes your house look great as you use it in different rooms. You should also consider your partner’s taste before buying a touch lamp so that they too can enjoy the new device.

The Best Long Distance Friendship Touch Lamps

1. Filimin long distance lamp

Friendship Lamp – Classic Design - Wi-Fi...
  • Connect with family and friends no matter the distance. Friendship Lamps allow...
  • By touching your lamp then the other lamp will light up allowing them to know...
  • Easily connect to Wi-Fi so you can stay connected from anywhere. Pick from over...

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Connect with a friend or family member on another continent by choosing this touch lamp. If you are in the US, you can connect with a partner in Europe with the help of this touch lamp. Though small, it is a powerful lamp that does wonders. You can easily fit it on a bookshelf since it does not occupy a lot of space. You can also use it with a group of friends since the touch lamp can display more than one color. The primary colors that this touch lamp illuminates are frosted and black.

It allows you to contact a loved one without having to brainstorm and come up with a series of texts. The touch lamp can light up for more than an hour after a single touch. You also get settings to help you turn it off when you want. Regardless of where you are from your partner, a simple touch of this lamp can reassure them of your love. Its vibrant look and elegant design also make your home appear flashy. You will also like its user-friendly setup.

For the connection to work, both you and your loved ones should invest in Filimin touch lamps. If you are using it with other people, ensure that you register your name on the official website and indicate your Wi-Fi details to enhance smooth operation.


  • Power: 3 watts
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Consumes minimal energy
  • Has different lighted colors
  • Can light up an entire room


  • It is expensive

2. Friendship lamp by

The elegant design of this long-distance touch lamp makes it easy to distinguish from the rest. Unlike most brands, this includes a wooden base which makes it more stable. You can place this touch lamp in any room. It is a global product that is made to high-quality standards.

As soon as you touch it, it lights up for a few minutes then starts getting dim with time. The manufacturer also incorporates LED technology in its making. This enables you to pick any color you want for your lamp. If you share a favorite color with your partner, you need to consider this during purchase. If you have never used touch lamps before, worry not. As soon as you purchase this touch lamp, you get a guide that can help you learn the setup process. For you to start using this touch lamp, you need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Powering the lamp is also a breeze since you only require a USB port. It eliminates the need for travel adapters, making it ideal for long-distance partners in different countries. Keep on checking the site since they advertise discounts from time to time so that you can buy it at an affordable rate. If you are having communication troubles with your boyfriend, you can buy him this lamp as a gift as you get one for yourself. The company also offers shipping services to different countries.


  • Material: Acrylic and wood
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Type of plug: USB


  • The setup is easy
  • It illuminates different colors
  • The light dims automatically after some time


  • Finding it is difficult
How to Set Up Your Friendship Lamp

3. Unifun touch lamp

Night Light, UNIFUN Touch Lamp for Bedrooms...
  • 1.Easy touch-control: Touch activated night light , table lamp, reading lamp,...
  • 2.Adjustable Brightness(Dim, Low, Middle and High) : It’s comfortable and...
  • 3.Changable Model type: Auto cycle RGB color combinations or select a fixed...

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The problem with most of the long-distance touch lamps is that they have intense light that can distract you, especially at night. If you have eye problems and don’t want such issues, you should choose this model. It is an anti-glare touch lamp that prevents eye strain as you connect with a friend.

It makes it easy for you to send a special message to a partner. Unifun displays beautiful lights that come in different colors. It can also illuminate your entire house and make it look spectacular, especially at night. Feel free to pick the mood of the light you prefer as Unifun features adjustable lightness. For instance, you can select dim, low, or high light intensity.

The manufacturer incorporates the anti-glare property for the sake of young ones and the elderly. Your package also includes a rechargeable battery that can last for an entire day on a full charge. The battery can also offer illumination for 4 hours continuously. Due to the use of a battery, you can easily use the touch lamp even when traveling. It also comes in a compact size which enhances portability.

It is also equipped with energy-efficient technology that reduces environmental impact and saves your cash. The light illuminated from this touch lamp is eye-safe and comfortable. You can use it in your bedroom without waking up your child since the light is not intense.


  • Brightness: Adjustable
  • Light: 360-degree eye-friendly light
  • Material: Acrylic


  • It adds class to your home
  •  Unifun reduces the glare effect
  • It is user-friendly


  • Some people reveal that it is not long-lasting

4. YSD touch lamp

YSD Touch Lamp, Bedside Lamp & Table Lamp...
  • Touch Control Design: Touch sensor table lamp can be activated by 360° touching...
  • Adjustable Brightness & Color Changing :Simply touch the control panel to toggle...
  • Eye-Friendly 360°Light:This LED light panel which provides soft and harmless...

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If you value your partner, you should look for ways to make them feel appreciated even when they are far from you. This touch lamp can help you keep in touch with them. The lamp adjusts its color and brightness when you touch it.

It comes with distinct colors that you and your loved one can enjoy. Apart from keeping things romantic, it also helps your room look better due to its dim light settings. It produces distinct colors that brighten up a room.

YSD touch lamp contains LED panels which prevent the light from hurting your eyes. It is therefore ideal even for people with eye problems. Feel free to adjust its brightness manually by shifting the settings between moderate light, medium light, and low light.

Your package also includes a lithium battery which you can recharge. This enhances the usage time of the touch lamp to up to 10 hours. If you maintain dim light settings, the battery of this touch lamp can last for more than 30 hours. Ensure you get a USB cable that can help you charge the touch lamp’s battery from time to time. Its mechanism makes it easy for you to bring along the lamp even when traveling.

Apart from making your partner feel loved, the lamp can also serve other purposes. For instance, some people use it in different areas of the house like the dining area to set the mood. It can also be a night light for young ones or camping light. If you have a party, this can serve as the perfect lamp for creating the right atmosphere.


  • Colors: 16 gradient colors
  • Design: Touch control
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


  • It comes in a compact design
  • The lamp produces different colors
  • It is user-friendly


  • It makes use of a higher voltage

5. Tactus long distance touch lamp

Families and long-distance couples love this touch lamp since it works as expected. It is a bit different from most of the models discussed above. Tactus stands out since it is an eco-friendly lamp that makes use of sustainable plywood. It is also customizable since you get the chance to choose any design you want. The housing is made from a laser cutter.

Unlike most of the models which require touching for them to light up, you can use a remote to change the colors of Tactus. Since the lamp comes from a company found in Ukraine, it features a European power plug. This means that you have to get an adapter if you and your spouse are in another country. Customers also choose this model over the rest since it has additional perks such as gift wrapping.


  • Plug type: European
  • Materials: Acrylic and Plywood
  • Warranty: 12 months


  • It is eco-friendly
  • You can customize the colors
  • It looks quite classy


  • It is not cost-effective

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Bring back the romance in your relationship or keep in touch more with your family members by buying a long-distance touch lamp. Though we have discussed different options that you can choose from, we strongly feel that one model is more superior compared to the rest of them. The manufacturers of Filimin long distance lamp have done an incredible job of producing an excellent touch lamp. This is one of the most reliable lamps that has received a lot of positive reviews since its arrival. Get this lamp today and make the distance between you and your loved one feel non-existent.

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