10 Best Electric and Manual Typewriters

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Do social media platforms distract you as you try to work on your laptop or computer? You can avoid such distractions by choosing a typewriter. Though computers seemed to have replaced typewriters, the device is not extinct. The market is full of electric and manual typewriters that people buy for different purposes.

Most customers love them since they are portable and well made. If you want a better experience while working, go through our discussion to find some of the best electric and manual typewriter available. Before we dive into the types, here is a brief introduction to typewriters.

It is a device that is used to print letters on paper by pressing specific keys. Typewriters are making a comeback as many authors search for them due to their numerous benefits. This device has several parts such as a keyboard, typing letters, platen as well as ribbon.

Though typewriters give you an authentic feel of typing, editing your work as you use this device is not easy. That is why the manufacturers of modern typewriters ensure that you can erase ink as you use the device. You can either pick an electric or manual typewriter. Regardless of your choice, you have to learn some necessary skills before using a typewriter.

Electric and manual typewriters

Brother 6750 typewriter

If you work from home, you probably want a lightweight and small electric typewriter. This model is an ideal fit. Despite its size, the typewriter comes with solid construction and firm keys. Pressing the keys leads to a loud clicking noise which is satisfying to some users. You can easily edit your work since this typewriter contains a white-out function and a line guide that enhances efficiency. If you have some minor typing jobs, this portable typewriter will not disappoint. 


  • Has a correction system
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Compact design


  • The loud noise can be a nuisance to some people

The royal epoch manual typewriter

The problem with most of the manual typewriters is that they need a lot of effort for you to accomplish a lot of work. The royal epoch is different in that you can use it with ease without implementing lots of effort. It also delivers clear prints due to its deep dark color. 

This manual typewriter is equipped with a high-grade ribbon that enhances its quality. The ribbon stays intact as you type and does not stretch or get entangled easily. The maintenance of this typewriter is also easy


  • Ideal for demanding tasks
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • It is cumbersome

Around the office typewriter

This typewriter comes in a portable design that makes it easy to travel with during business trips. You will also find the keyboard easy to use. It also supports different languages, such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. While most of the typewriters are loud, this is a silent model that is made using superior technology. It can deliver high quality work that does not contain any misalignment, faint letters, or smudges. 


  • It looks professional 
  • You can set margins with ease using it


  • No carrying case available

Brother electric typewriter-SX 4000

Made from ABS plastic, both professionals and amateurs can enjoy using this typewriter. It comes with a simple layout and offers responsive keys. The base is firm to reduce movement during typing. You will also like how light this typewriter feels. The excellent spacing of keys enhances functionality, especially for beginners, while the keys are quite precise. 

You also get a high-quality ribbon and can enjoy a silent operation. The typewriter delivers clear work free of errors. Businesses, students, and different institutions love working with this electric typewriter.


  • Offers high typing speed
  • It is user-friendly and accurate


  • It is less durable compared to other models

Smith corona electric typewriter

This typewriter not only enables you to type but also view your text and correct any mistakes before printing. It comes with a spell check function that allows you to produce high-quality work. Unlike most of the models, Smith corona contains a self-demonstration mode. It is a portable typewriter that you can move with ease. The manufacturer also includes handles on it to enhance mobility. 


  • It is compact
  • Numerous useful features

IBM electric typewriter

IBM is known as one of the greatest manufacturers of typewriters that have existed for decades. They came up with this model which features 88 characters. It is a reliable and versatile typewriter which can be used by anyone. The equipment contains enough spacing between the keys to preventing you from pressing two keys at a go when typing. This enhances accuracy and prevents errors in your work. 

It is a high-quality typewriter that works as expected. Though you may not get some of the useful features found in modern typewriters, this model does not let you down. 


  • Simple and compact design
  • It contains a correction tape and ribbon


  • You may have difficulties with some of the keys

Royal Scriptor electric typewriter

Though you may assume that this model is made explicitly for students, using it may prove you wrong. It may come as a small unit, but it remains firm and performs highly. You can type without worrying about constant movements which can ruin your final piece. 

It comes with highly sensitive keys so that you can use minimal effort while working. This is one of the lightest typewriters in the market. Apart from its portability, you will not have issues with storage or maintenance. 


  • It is user-friendly and versatile
  • You can correct mistakes with ease


  • It is less portable

Nakajima WPT-150

If you want an efficient and durable typewriter, then this model is for you. It comes with a user-friendly layout that can help you boost your typing skills. The unit also has a firm base that enhances stability during use. Apart from that, it is made from sturdy plastic that enables it to withstand impacts, abrasions as well as regular use. 

The high-quality ribbon included in this device allows it to handle lots of work. You will also enjoy clear work with minimal errors. Nakajima is an energy-efficient typewriter that you can use for years. 


  • Delivers smooth operation
  • It is of high quality


  • It does not support different languages

Brother ML-100

Enjoy quick and easy typing by choosing this electronic typewriter. It is a professional device that has highly responsive keys. Since you don’t have to press the keys too hard while typing, you can conduct your work at great speed. The manufacturer uses high-grade nylon to make the ribbon of this typewriter. It, therefore, provides crisp and clear writing.
You can use this typewriter regularly without worrying about issues such as stretching, wrinkling, or entangling. The quality keys are also well placed to enhance accuracy.
Has an error-correcting function
Comes in a simple design
It is scratch-resistant
It is loud

Royal 79101t manual typewriter

This is an ideal gift you can give to a loved one who loves typing. It comes with everything required to get started. The model was among the first royal typewriters to be produced. While some of the typewriters contain plastic elements, this contains an all-metal construction and a pre-installed nylon ribbon. It is a high-quality typewriter that can last for years. 


  • A carrying case included
  • You get a warranty for your purchase


  • It is heavy


Escape from the digital world by choosing a manual or electric typewriter. Before buying one, learn more about it from other customers’ reviews and find out the warranty details. Our reviews above should also help you distinguish each model.

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