How To Choose Portable Power Bank For Travel

Five things you need to know about a portable power bank

You’re about snapping that perfect picture or making that call that matters, and your device battery runs down. With a power bank, you never have to experience this again. You’ve not heard of a power bank before? I also just found out about them recently, I did some findings, and here are the five things you need to know about power banks if you’re going to get one. They are:

What is a power bank?

First of all, what’s a power bank? A device that is very useful and allows you to charge all your devices whenever and wherever is what a power bank is. Seeing as you can take this device anywhere with you, you never have to worry about the low battery for your device again. This might be when you’re at home, traveling, or at work. They look like phones, but without the screen and their colors are similar to that of a phone. What do you want in a power bank? Here are five things you need to know about power banks.

Size matters a lot

When you’re thinking of getting a power bank, one thing you should know is that size is important. You need to take into consideration two sizes — the charging capacity and how portable it is.
Portability is what you should, first of all, know about a power bank. Most of them are the size of your phone. They’re designed for easy access and convenience.

Another thing you need to know about power banks is their charging capacity. You’re likely to charge your device more if the charging capacity is high. The size of the charging capacity matters a lot. You can measure the capacity of a power bank using “milliampere-hours” mAH. You can charge your device more often when your power banks mAH is bigger. Currently, power banks range from 2,000mAH to 30,000Mah. For example, in order to charge once, you need a capacity of around 1,600mAH. So if you’re going to buy a power bank, make sure you start from 1,600mAH. A lot of people buy a power bank of about 10,000mAH so that they can charge their iPhone for at least five times before there’s a need for them to charge the power bank. You need to take into consideration your device and the number of times you’ll be charging it. For example, if you’ll be traveling for days straight and might not have access to power and you’ll need to charge your laptop and phone, then you need a power bank that has a lot of mAH.

You can use your power bank to charge more than one device

It is important that you’re able to use your power bank to charge several devices. Your power bank comes with more than one USB ports is really handy. With this, you can charge your phone and other small devices at home. People who travel a lot should get the models that come with more than one USB port. In order to have enough USB ports, you have to look at the number of devices you’re traveling with.

Charging your power bank

It would be best if you also charged your power banks, and you can charge it using cables or a built-in USB. Cable charges a lot of them faster, and you can use another device to charge them. Before buying a power bank, check how you can charge it.

Charge time

Make sure that your power bank provides at least one full charge. Check the first point for this information. The amount of times you will charge your power banks depends on its mAH and capacity. You’ll charge more and faster with a bigger mAH.

You need to consider the number of devices you want to charge and the number of times you’ll need to charge. It would be best if you also found how long you’ll be without power. That’s a lot, right? At the end of the day, it’s worth it. If, for example, you’re traveling through the US, and you won’t be able to access power for some days, you’re better off with a power bank that has a lot of USB ports with more capacity.

Extra futures to look for

Lastly, you need to know the extras your power banks might come with. There are inbuilt torch/flashlight and LED that will tell you the battery level. Most of them are not really necessary, but they’re handy.

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve learned about power banks and the best one to use for all your trips from this write-up. It sure helped me. I bought a Xiaomi 10,000 mAH power bank that has worked well for me. It is very portable, and I carry it around with me. I can charge my device in my bag without anyone knowing, and at times my laptop as I move around while browsing through some sites. I am thinking of getting the 20,000mAH power bank for future travels. I’ll recommend that you get either of these power banks; the Xiaomi 10,000mAH, Xiaomi 20,000mAH, Aukey 10,000mAH, and Aukey 20,000mAH. I’ll be more than happy to review and test another different brand of power bank if you recommend them.

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