Best Electronic Translators in 2021

A language translator is a revolutionary translator device that allows us to break language barriers when traveling abroad to different countries. In the past, tourists had to pay translators to help them communicate with the locals. You could never be sure about what was being said, and you had to take your translator at his or her word. 

A Voice translator uses advanced technology to help you reduce the communication barriers when you are traveling abroad. A smart language translator device can help you learn a new language, business meeting negotiations, or ordering food in restaurants.

Benefits of Electronic Translators

Electronic translators have many benefits such as:

Effective Communication

A foreign electronic voice translator device makes communication in foreign languages effortless. This smart language translation device helps translate your speech into a simple version that the listener can easily understand. This helps in easier communication and makes it easier to become familiar with different cultures faster.


A foreign smart language translator is portable and lightweight. However, some translator devices are larger and have more storage capacity. The smaller handheld language translator makes it portable enough to carry on your next trip. The handheld language translator is pocket size and portable, so you do not have to worry when going out for dinner as you can carry it with you.


A foreign language translator is efficient and has a high accuracy rate. These translator devices translate with high accuracy and precision, which eliminates any dangers of miscommunication. The translator device allows you to hold conversations with confidence.


The best electronic translators come equipped with the ability to translate several languages. This versatility in the voice translator allows you to communicate in different languages without worrying about getting a different language translator.

Speech Recognition

A portable language translator device provides you with translation in real-time. This makes it easy for real-time speech and voice recognition. The translator device must have speech recognition so that it can translate and deliver the speech in real-time.

The Best Electronic Translators in 2021

No. 1
ANFIER Voice Translator Device with 2.4 inch Touchscreen Two-Way Electronic Translator...
27 Reviews
ANFIER Voice Translator Device with 2.4 inch Touchscreen Two-Way Electronic Translator...
  • [Powerful Translation System]: One of the most advanced...
  • [Support 108 Languages]: The translation system of A202 AI...
  • [Intelligent Noise Reduction]: The instant language...
  • [Wi-Fi or Hotspot Connectivity]: You can use Wi-Fi or...
No. 2
TT Easy Trans Smart Language Translator Device Electronic Pocket Voice Bluetooth 52...
134 Reviews
TT Easy Trans Smart Language Translator Device Electronic Pocket Voice Bluetooth 52...
  • This voice translator with super mini design,very easy to...
  • With high senstive and fidelity speaker,push the button on...
  • 52...
  • Just three steps, you can use it well.1,Connet the...
No. 3
Language Translator Device, 107 Languages Two Way Language Instant Voice Translator,...
  • 【107 Language Translator with High Accuracy】: Language...
  • 【Less 0.5s Instant Language Translator & 60 Mins Audio...
  • 【12 Offline Universal Language, Wifi Connection】:...
  • 【45 Photo Translation】: The language translator built-in...
No. 4
Pocketalk Classic Language Translator Device - Portable Two-Way Voice Interpreter - 82...
  • Multi-language, Two-Way Voice Translator: Travel to foreign...
  • Built In Two Year Data Plan: Travel and communicate...
  • Translation Accuracy: Swearwords, jargon and slang languages...
  • Dependable Real Time Translator: Our translating device...
No. 5
Cheetah CM Smart Instant Language Translator Device (UV Black) Portable Foreign Language...
  • Microsoft Ai - Powerful and reliable Microsoft based Ai...
  • Multi-language translation - Get the pairing App and access...
  • Superior battery - Ultra-long performance and superior...
  • 2-way instant translation - Enjoy and practice conversations...
No. 6
Language Translator Device,
  • two way text / voice translation
  • then broadcasting the translation
  • Universal Language
  • menu / road signs / magazine
No. 7
Multi Language Translator Free
  • Voice Input Feature
  • Translate any sentence or phrase into whichever of the 90+...
  • Smooth translation
  • Translate between almost all regional languages of...
No. 8
Language Translator Device
  • Language Translator Device
  • Instant Language Translator
No. 9
WUOAUM AI Translator Smart Language Translator Device Handheld Portable Real Time Instant...
  • 1.【WIFI support】The operation of voice translation is...
  • 2.【Real Time Instant Translation】Support 40 Language...
  • 3.【Voice translation】Voice translation will also be...
  • 4.【Light and Portable】Small volume and easy to carry.Low...

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Buying Guide for Electronic Translators

There are scores of handheld budget translator devices on the market whose best translation is up to 40 languages. Some are Wifi/internet-enabled, some are not, some have Bluetooth connectivity, some do not. Some do offline translation, some cannot and must be internet-connected to work. What differentiates the budget voice translator from the high-end language translator? The best way to understand these differences is first to know what you need from your translator device.

Most cheap handheld language translator devices are just microphones linking you to your phone using Bluetooth. The whole process of translating is done via an app that you download via Wifi/ internet. The translation process means you have to keep switching from your phone settings to the translator, which is highly inconvenient.

A budget language translator device’s audio quality is another issue as these devices do not have the best crisp audio or noise-canceling features. This makes translating in a noisy area a nightmare. A premium translation device has dedicated language translation software that is a mix of AI (artificial intelligence) learning and other translation engines that provide translation accuracy.

With a budget translator device, you have to carry your phone and the translator around, which is highly inconvenient and may lead to tense or awkward situations (considering your phone contains all your data). If the language translator is Wifi/ internet-enabled, you can either use for online or offline translation if you have internet connectivity issues.

A premium and one of the best language translator devices has some perks, such as a mobile hotspot on a Wifi connection. The voice commands can effortlessly switch from one language to another on the translation engines. They contain the best noise-canceling technology for easier and clearer communication.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Language Translator Device


The best language translator device may come with a chargeable lithium-ion battery. Some of the language translator devices use an AAA battery made for single-use. A rechargeable battery offers longer life, but it is slightly more costly. Translator devices with a lithium-ion battery are heavier, while those with a rechargeable battery are much lighter to carry around.


Before you purchase a language translation device:

  • Check how much the voice translation device weighs.
  • Ensure you buy a handheld, portable translation model that wights under 5 ounces.
  • If you plan to buy the voice translator device online, have a look at the company’s return policy.


It would be best if you got a voice translation device that has USB connectivity. This connectivity lets you connect your voice translator to your PC to transfer your language files or dictionary data. You can connect the language translator devices to an audio player or e-book readers. Get a language translator device that comes with a free USB cable for easier connectivity.

It would be best to go for the best voice translator- smart language and Wifi or internet-enabled. This allows you to connect the device to Wifi instead of using Bluetooth wirelessly. Being Wifi-enabled, and if you have an existing data plan on your SIM card, you can use the translator device as a mobile hotspot for your smart mobile devices. 


The traditional translators have much smaller screens with a black and white screen display. Most modern voice translation devices have colored screens and vibrant presentations. If you rely on the screen’s written information, you will need a translator device with a bigger screen. 

In this case, consider purchasing a newer smart and Wifi/internet-enabled model with a large touch screen.

Microphone & Speaker Quality

A smart electronic language translator device should have noise cancellation and an excellent quality microphone that delivers your translation in crisp audio. The microphone should have dual-mic noise cancellation and not merge your voice with the surrounding noise. The speakers should have a power rating of 5W or more to provide you with the best clear and loud audio.


Some of the best smart electronic translator devices can handle most languages, while others can only handle a single language such as Spanish or Korean. Some electronic voice translation devices might claim to translate all languages but do not have an extensive vocabulary like a dedicated electronic translator device. If you travel a to different countries, consider getting a dedicated language translator device that can translate most languages.

Keyboard or voice input

Consider the input method you will be using on the electronic language translator. If you are translating conversations, it might be best to buy a smart voice-input translator. Key-board-based voice translation might be limiting in translating other people’s conversations.

Translating Function

The best electronic language translation device is designed for smart voice translation. Most smart voice translation devices are nowadays built with a photo translation function. You can purchase a language translator that has both voice and a photo translation function. This might help with road signs or menus in restaurants. Most of the time, the voice translation function is enough, but if you have a hearing impairment, or if you chose to, it would be best to buy a device with a photo translation function.

Offline and Online Modes

If you travel to countries with internet connection issues, the best thing to do is to buy an electronic language translator device with offline translation functions or a smart translator device with inbuilt global internet data.


The cost factor depends on whether you often travel to different countries. You may want to spend more on a voice translator device with better vocabulary, photo translation and voice recognition features if you travel often. If you are going for a one-off trip, you can consider buying a cheap and portable electronic voice translation device.

Customer Reviews

One of the most important but neglected tips is looking at the customer reviews. When you get a language translator device you want, the best thing is to go through the customer reviews to get a feel of what issues the brand has, or about its best features and how they have worked for others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have some questions about electronic language translator devices. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Do electronic language translators work?

Yes, electronic language voice translators are very efficient at voice translation. If you keep traveling abroad regularly, a voice translation product will make life easier for you. Some translators use photo translation instead of voice, but they work just as well.

How does a Portable language translator device work?

The best portable electronic language translator has a speaker and a memory card for recording the message. When someone says something in a foreign language, the voice translator translates this message into English. You can also speak any phrase into the voice translator and translate it into the local language. Some use a global SIM card and internet to translate, while some use Bluetooth connectivity. 

How many languages can a Translator Translate?

A basic voice translator device can handle at least six different languages. The best translator device may handle at least forty to seventy different languages. 

Its best range may include thirty languages and their varying dialects. The best electronic voice translator may translate at least 106 languages.

How much does a pocket translator cost?

The best pocket, handheld language translator cost depends on the manufacturer and the device features. The more features a translator has, the better and more expensive it is. 


If you travel a lot, a handheld language translator device is the perfect traveling companion, and you need to look for a reliable translator. You have to do some due diligence in researching the type of device you want based on your needs, data plan, specs of the device, and the cost.

 If you are using the translator for a one-off trip, there is no need to splurge on a high-end device. Look for a device that translates in real-time, offline translation, photo translation, can handle several languages, has noise cancelling features, and other features.