12 Best Ram Cleaner Software For Windows 10 PC

  •  A Ram cleaning tool helps in improving the speed of your laptop or PC. It helps to run your programs at a fast speed. When you click to start a program, the file is retrieved from the hard drive. When a lot of pressure is generated on the physical memory usage, the cleaner software shifts unnecessary processes to some other places in the form of cache. Generally, this improves the OS’s efficiency and provides more space for you to run or use newer applications.
  • There are several memory cleaner apps to help you disinfect your computer. Three little letters and a tremendous impact on system performance- RAM usage size is a crucial aspect when it comes to the performance of your PC. Even the newest operating systems need a physical system memory optimizer to work at their full potential. To clean the computer RAM, you can use multiple techniques. Here are some of the best RAM Cleaner Software you can install today to boost your system’s speed, clean the Windows and manage the physical RAM early.

RAM Cleaners For Windows 10

1. Avira Ram Cleaner Windows 10

The RAM cleaner is an effective tool for the proper maintenance of your device. It offers multiple protection to the system and clears up space in a few clicks. Without taking much disk space, it could be easily installed on any Windows 10 PC. Out of all the available auto RAM cleaners, this is the unique one.


  • Saves PC from lags, errors, and system crashes to act as a perfect performance booster
  • The premium version offers 8 blocks for the best protection of the system
  • Improves windows task

Avira Ram cleaner, booster, and optimizer is one of the best Ram cleaner and affordable ones present in the market. With the optimization tools from Avira, you can boost the available RAM. The only problem is, you won’t be able to make the best use of this cleaner unless you purchase it, as the features in the free version are limited.

2. Advanced System Optimizer

This software is one of the best physical system Ram memory optimizer available out there. In terms of efficiency, ease of usage, and performance, this best Ram optimizer will not disappoint you. Your device will appear afresh in a few clicks and helps you out to get rid of all the unwanted files in a blink.


  • Uses system resources to allocate data on the hard drive in the best possible way
  • Protects the device from malware, system crashes, and viruses
  • Enhances gaming experience with the help of game optimize mode

 First-timers might find the premium version a little expensive, but it is a one-time investment for prolonged protection of your PC. With regular updates and easy to download options, you will enjoy your Windows 10 performance at its fullest potential. Click “Optimize” and speed your laptop up immediately.

3. Ashampoo Winoptimizer

The practical and effective analytical capabilities of this software have paved its way to the podium of the best RAM cleaner for windows 10 PC. If you are fed apps running in the background and hampering your system’s speed, this is the best optimizing tool for you.


  • Clears browsing history to boost the PC performance
  • Offers privacy controls and optimize the space
  • Fit for users at any skill level, be it a beginner or expert.

Inclusive of all the above features, the software, however, suffers from some disadvantageous features. Firstly, it is only compatible with Windows 10 and no other operating systems. Secondly, it deletes the junk files permanently, which might result in swiping off of some important file and their irrecoverability.

4. IoLo System Mechanic

If you are looking for a booster to deliver you the required service free of cost, IoLo System Mechanic is another best Ram cleaner software. Without deceiving premium purchases, it will give out the best results and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Helps in uninterrupted online streaming and clean your memory usage with a simple click
  • Free of cost
  • Clears the browsing history and optimize cookies, keeping safe your online activities

Though the system memory management software is power-packed with multiple features, it can take you a little while to get comfortable with it. Free multiple options for customization make IoLo System Mechanic slightly complex to be used by beginners.

5. RAMRush

As the name suggests, RAMRush is the best Ram optimizer that will provide the required boost to your device’s speed. Perfect for windows 10 PC, the Ram cleaner is easy to install and use. It keeps your system’s memory clean by monitoring and optimizing memory usage. Outstanding features of the RAMRush memory cleaner are listed below.


  • Removes all the system memory leaks and other cache entries
  • Grants an increased quantity of the free memory management
  • Defragments the physical memory usage for proper allocation of space

It also comes with tools such as disk defrag. A lot of pop-ups often keep on appearing while using this software, which might irritate the user. RAMRush program can free up memory in a few seconds. Moreover, it scrapes away useless applications and helps in the optimization of the lost RAM.

6. Super PC Care

First of all, this PC cleaner is an all-rounder maintenance tool. It not only boosts the speed but also removes the useless applications and virus-infected files. If you are looking for the best RAM cleaner and optimization tool for a window 10 PC or computer, this program might be the best option for you that cleans your system every 15 minutes.


  • You can regularly update the software for the best features
  • The software can detect malware attacks and get the security of the system working to eliminate them
  • Alerts the user for any upcoming threat or upgrade for free of cost

The only disadvantage this memory cleaner has is its cost. You can use a few features only in the premium version after purchasing the software. It comes with a user-friendly interface to clear your system cache junk.

7. Mz RAM Booster

A RAM cleaner with minimal space requirement is the next RAM cleaner on our list. Mz RAM Booster is a reliable software that has been operational for more than a decade now. It shows the scan results by diagnosing the menu bar in detail. The best part is, it’s completely free of cost.


  • Stops memory leaks to enhance the PC performance
  • Can start optimizing the RAN at specified time intervals in its own
  • Takes very little time for processing as it uses minimum space.

If you are looking for the best Ram cleaner that detects viruses, this software is not advanced enough. This nifty Ram booster tool offers much-needed maintenance for your software. It also comes with a fully customizable menu bar for efficient working.

8. Wise Memory Optimizer

It’s time to stop running behind the quantity based cleaners and go for a much advanced free Ram cleaner, quality-oriented best RAM usage optimizer. The software will check for new, available version updates and won’t need you to initiate processes when put on autorun mode.


  • The software doesn’t need you to process setups and requests, as it can do all these tasks on its own. You just have to click a button on your computer.
  • Starts working automatically after sensing the RAM goes below a certain level.
  • Takes very little time to clean the whole system

Wise memory optimizer offers a portable version too. It is not only affordable but also works well for all windows operating systems, including Windows 10. One of the cons of Wise memory optimizer is its customer support, which is a bit poor.

8. CleanMem

To start with, the CleanMem RAM optimizer comes free of cost. All you have to do is, install it on your device and forget. It will automatically do the required optimization and clearing up of the Ram storage space to give out the desirable speed. Boost your available RAM with the help of CleanMem.


  • Click on “optimize now” to make it work instantly
  • Equipped with advanced features like log files, ignore lists, etc
  • Could be set in the start menu for easy access

As CleanMem forces the system to free Ram memory, it can cause lagging in your device. Moreover, it is slow in comparison to other similar PC RAM cleaners in this list. CleanMem has several other advanced functions that can be used to manage physical memory.

9. Tenoshare Windows Care

Being an all-rounder optimization tool and one of the best Ram cleaner, the system optimizer works for all windows operating systems. It not only frees up the memory space on the physical RAM but helps in troubleshooting other problems, too, in a single click. If you are worried about the privacy protection of your device, opt for Tenoshare Windows care and forget all your worries.


  • Can easily disable the unnecessary program applications and software to clear the memory
  • Clear browsing history and invalid registered for protection from online threats
  • Easy to use and offers multiple advanced features

All these features induced us to include the software on our list. The only con of using this same software is the frequent pop-ups that showdown it’s functioning. Excessive adjustments can hamper the speed of your ongoing work.

10. IObit Advanced Systemcare

If you need cleaning software that doesn’t take much time in system boot, IObit Systemcare is the solution. When it comes to your Windows 10 PC/ computer, the software offers an absolute clean up and optimize the logs on its own for better performance.


  • Can clean up to 26 distinct kinds of junk apps and files
  • Offers an effective privacy care system with all rights reserved
  • You are guaranteed protection from malware through the usage of this RAM cleaner and optimizer

Though the RAM cleaner is effective in upscaling the computer performance, it comes with a few downsides. The continuous pop-ups and advertisements in the menu bar could be annoying. Moreover, the software might permanently delete some critical files without your permission.

11. MemPlus

Finally, the Memplus storage optimizer is a fair choice for devices with Windows 10 OS. It is easy to use but advanced enough to cater to all your needs in a breeze. People get worried about a cleaner cutting up the storage of their device’s RAM, but this is the best Ram cleaner and is safe in that aspect.


  • Doesn’t require any complicated installment or complex process to free memory ram space
  • Help to clear the browsing history
  • You are enabled to clean the individual system cache of the files.

The memory RAM booster and optimizer is undoubtedly an excellent software for beginners, but when compared to more advanced cleaners, it lacks in effectiveness. However, it is perfect to use for any windows operating system without any hassle and won’t cause lagging in any case.

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows 10


The market is packed with numerous RAM cleaners for PCs that can raise the overall performance of the computer. Whenever you are about to procure a new device for Ram memory cleaner, do not turn a blind eye towards the storage. The latest models come loaded with bells and whistles, which might fool a novice, but RAM storage needs to be on the top of your priority. You can use any of the above RAM cleaners for Windows 10.

A system with less physical memory will get filled up soon and start to respond slow very early. Even for mobile phones also, you should optimize them at least twice a day for maximum results. Memory Cleaner is the perfect tool to keep your computer going. In case you are already going through less storage and stalling system, try one of these recommended Ram software today for performance booster.

Tell us about your pick of the best Ram cleaner with the Name Email from the above list. Feel free to share your experience with a memory RAM booster in the comment box below. In case of any doubt, reply to Comment Name Email in bold letters.

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