7 Reasons Why You Should Buy QD-OLED TV

  •  QD-OLED TVs are the next step in LCD technology. It’s the technology that will take TV today to the next level.
  • Watching QD-OLED tv is like watching pictures on a digital camera’s LCD screen, only without any graininess or blurring of the picture.
  • TV makers like Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, etc. have used LG Display’s W-OLED panels solely for years. While Samsung Electronics is the only manufacturer of these new QD-OLED Samsung display.
  • They have a few key features that make them stand out from regular OLEDs. These Samsung QD-OLED TVs are not just great, but they are the best TV to buy right now.

In this article, you will learn:

What Is QD-OLED?

 QD-OLED is a technology that combines quantum dots and OLED together to create an image that is much better than what either one of these technologies can do on its own.

The technology uses quantum dots to produce more accurate colors, better saturation, and a wider color gamut. The QD-OLED display achieves this by applying a layer of nanocrystals that are smaller than the wavelength of light (or the color spectrum) onto a transparent substrate made of glass or plastic. These nanocrystals are then used as tiny light emitters called quantum dots. When they are combined with an OLED panel, they enable you to get much better color accuracy and saturation than you would get with an OLED panel alone.

In addition to this, the QD-OLED displays also have much better contrast than standard OLED displays due to their ability to switch off individual pixels when needed for deeper blacks or brighter whites.

 QD-OLED TVs significantly improve the two most important aspects of picture quality: color accuracy and saturation. The improvement in color is so dramatic that it’s hard to believe that a QD-OLED screen can be better than OLED in this regard.

The same goes for saturation when compared with LED tv or LCD TV. QD-OLED TVs also offer much better brightness than OLED, but they are not as bright as LCDs.

What Are Quantum Dots?

They’re tiny, light-emitting crystals that can be used in displays to improve contrast and color accuracy.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense — it’s basically just an extension of the way OLEDs work. OLEDs are made up of carbon nanotubes that emit light when they’re struck by a current. Quantum dots are basically individual nanotubes; they just happen to emit different colors of light depending on their size and composition.

What Do Quantum Dots Do For QD-OLED TVs?

They allow manufacturers to make them more colorful without increasing the amount of power they consume or the number of transistors they use. Color gamut isn’t something we usually talk about when talking about TVs — instead, we measure color accuracy using things like delta E values or grayscale tracking charts — but it’s important nonetheless because accurate colors mean better picture quality overall.

List Of Reasons Why You Should Buy QD-OLED TV

1. Much Better Saturation And Color Accuracy

The new Quantum Dot technology used in QD-OLED TVs allows for much better color rendering than conventional OLED panels. This means that you’ll see a wider range of colors on your screen, especially when watching HDR content.

2. Superb Contrast Ratio

QD display have a much higher contrast ratio than conventional OLED panel, which means that they’re able to produce deeper blacks and brighter whites at the same time. This makes them ideal for watching movies with dark scenes or playing games in the dark without missing out on details like bright explosions or flashing lights.

3. Low Input Lag And Fast Response Time

QD-OLED TVs have very low input lag (around 1 ms) and fast response times (around 6 ms), which makes them great for gaming purposes as well as general use like web browsing or watching videos online.

4. Lower Power Consumption

QD-OLED TVs consume less energy when compared to regular OLEDs because of their lower operating temperatures (they require less cooling). This makes them more efficient and cheaper to run over the long term.

5. Improved Black Levels

The QD-OLED TV uses quantum dots to enhance the blue emitter substrate found on most OLED panels. As a result, it can produce deeper black levels than other OLED TVs — which means you get more vibrant colors without losing detail in darker scenes, which makes them perfect for dark room viewing. This is especially true if you’re watching movies with dark scenes, like sci-fi flicks or thrillers. You’ll be able to see details in the shadows that you might have missed on other types of displays.

6. No Burn-In Risk

Traditional OLEDs are prone to burn-in (where part of an image remains onscreen even after you’ve switched to another input), but QD OLED tv doesn’t suffer from this problem because its blue emitters are behind an adhesive layer — not directly exposed like they are on traditional OLED panels. It also makes them much more durable than other OLED models and other types of displays as well (including LED/LCD), making them ideal for gaming and watching sports!

7. Much Better Viewing Angles

With most types of LCD screens, you need to be sitting directly in front of them to get the full effect of the picture. This can be problematic if you want to watch movies with friends or family members in different parts of the room without facing each other directly.

However, with a QD-OLED TV, this isn’t an issue because it uses quantum dots instead of traditional LED backlights like most other types of televisions do. This makes it possible for viewers watching from different angles to still see clear images on their screens without having to adjust their position or angle in any way.

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