Best PS Vita Chargers in 2021

  • Getting the right PS vita chargers can sometimes be a headache.
  • We shall look at some of the best vita chargers in the market and some shopping tips on the PS Vita products to aid you along the way.

What Chargers work with PS Vita?

1. FunTurbo Upgraded PlayStation Vita Charger 

 The FunTurbo PlayStation Vita chargers are a two in one PS Vita USB products that are useful for synchronizing data and charging. The FunTurbo PS Vita charger is a fast charger using any 5V USB port for a laptop or PC. and works well with the FunTurbo SD2Vita 5.0, and costs less than the original charger on Amazon. The FunTurbo heavy-duty wires with 10mm copper core cables support stable USB data transfers such as music, movies, and videos, is compatible with QCMA, and its performance is ideal for the PS Vita 1000 system.

You can connect your PlayStation Vita chargers to your PlayStation 3 system, laptop, or computer for USB data transfers of movies and other data, and they have a cable length with a comfortable allowance. These best PS Vita chargers currently cost $8.95 on Amazon Prime, which does sales and shipping deliveries on products to the United Kingdom and many other countries.

 You can also buy products from affiliates, ads, and various advertising on reviews guide articles, something which earns us a commission on the product and costs you nothing.

2. PS Vita Portable Charger

These PlayStation Vita chargers have approximately four to seven extra performance hours and approximately seven extra hours of music while in standby mode. As its name suggests, the product is portable and compatible with most items like tablets and smartphones, and considered among the best PS Vita chargers by Amazon and varying sites. It’s a plug and plays external battery that has one and a half times the power of the PS Vita’s internal battery. It can be used with an AC adapter and has a low current output.

The PS Vita chargers are portable and very light products, weighing 0.50lbs and measuring 7 by 4.24 by 2 inches. Their sleek design allows for easy porting and storing. The charger maintains a charge for up to a year and has an indicator that will show its charging and battery status.

 Head to Amazon and look at the PlayStation Vita chargers and the customer reviews, recommendations and rankings of the product, and other details before you buy. The products currently retail for $5.99 on Amazon Prime, which does sales and shipping deliveries across the globe, from the United Kingdom to Russia.

3. MPF PSV22035 2-in-1 USB Data Sync

The replacement or backup PSV22035 USB cable is used for charging and synchronizing the Sony PlayStation Vita system. The USB cable is used to connect the PS Vita system directly to a Windows PC, PS3, or a Mac for charging with low current output and reliable synchronizing.  

The best PS Vita Chargers work well with an official AC adapter for a quick wall outlet charging, and this one does this quite effectively. It is also compatible with various PS Vita charger accessories such as a car adapter, AC adapters, and portable chargers. The chargers come with a three-year replacement warranty, but you can go to Amazon Prime, which will normally show thousands of details on customer reviews, recommendations, and rankings of the products, whether good or bad.

 If you live outside the US, such as the United Kingdom, check for details on how many days they take to ship the item or products. Check also how much they charge for the shipping. As mentioned before, you can use affiliates in the ads (advertising)or within the reviews guide articles to order for the PlayStation Vita chargers, which is something that earns us commission on that product. As an Amazon customer, you can place sales alerts or subscribe to their newsletter so that you get details every time they have a sale on products.

4. Charger Power Supply Data Sync Cable for Sony PlayStation PS Vita PCH-1001

This charger brand is one of the best PS Vita chargers, as it is a high-quality replacement data and charger cable for the Sony PS Vita 1000. It makes it easy to charge the device by connecting it to the USB cable of your MAC/PC. The USB data cable transfers items such as photos, videos, movies, music, and other items to your PS Vita at high speed.

The PCH 1000 is a quick and compatible replacement cable to broken or lost systems for the PS 2 Slim Consoles. A customer can buy the cable on the Amazon Prime site or affiliates and check the details on what consumers say about the product. As a customer, you can also ask questions or request recommendations on the chargers/ products, and the answer will be posted on the site.

5. TNT PS Vita Charger AC Adapter Power  

The TNT Vita charger brand is among the best PS Vita chargers. It is a travel charger that provides convenience for charging your PS Vita battery. This AC adaptor is stylish and blends in with the PS Vita’s gaming console, and provides a fast and reliable charging alternative.

These AC adapter products were designed especially for The Sony PlayStation Vita consoles. A customer can be guaranteed reliable and stable charging with either a USB port or any AC outlet. The best place to buy is Amazon Prime site or affiliates, but you can compare prices and look for recommendations with other online sites such as eBay.

Is it worth getting a PS Vita in 2021?

The PlayStation Vita from Sony could have been considered a flop in some quarters. After a decade since its initial Japanese launch on the products, statistics show they still retain an audience. What makes the PlayStation Vita worth buying in 2021? Despite the few sales of the products, Vita is a well-respected console. 

Compared to other failures, the PS Vita from the Sony company was considered as a worthy device, albeit at the wrong time for the modern customer. Recommendations, sales, and rankings of the PS Vita have gone down significantly in countries like the US and the United Kingdom, where they were bought in thousands after launch.

The commercial failures of the PS Vita brand were mainly centered around the shift by consumers to smartphones products. The PS Vita’s software library had limitations, and it had nothing to do with the systems issues. This PS was launched in December 2011, but the OLED display of the original PS Vita still looks pretty good, although nothing on it can show as good as 4K or Retina Display. The handheld PS Vita is comfortable, easy to hold, and has one of the best d-pads ever designed by Sony.

The PlayStation Vita, unlike other consoles, still maintains its initial speed. This means booting games, browsing, and other activities via the user interface is very fast. There have been software updates that have seen exploits fixed, but the user can still access the PS shop via the PlayStation network. Some shopping tips and recommendations on what to consider when buying the console include:

Is The PlayStation Vita Worth Buying In 2021?

PS Vita Chargers Buying Guide 2021


The PlayStation Vita games, which were trademarks of the Sony company, are quite good, considering the hardware’s age. Games like Uncharted Golden Abyss were technical achievements ten years ago but now look very outdated compared to what’s available on Nintendo Switch.

However, the PlayStation Vita is still an excellent platform where you can enjoy indie titles like Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. The unit has excellent controls and a crisp display, with most side-scrolling experiences better on this unit than on PS4.

PS Store

You can still access the PS shop on the PS Vita, and since the Sony brand did an overhaul of their browser-based storefront before releasing PS5, it remains the only way you can buy digital software. However, as much as the PS shop is accessible, most of its functionality remains poor as it has not seen an update in many years, and it saves your cookies, but which hardly function. This also means the consoles’ security is poor because there have been no software updates.

This implies that new software releases are not listed on the PS shop anymore, and you have to manually dig for them via the search utility, making security very low. In the process, you will face several issues, such as missing logos and broken images. Since most games do not show screenshots, the navigation to the Game Library will be a huge problem as it does not save cookies.

Downloading over Wi-Fi is painstakingly slow, a problem caused by throttles from activities like the rates of USB file transfers and the hardware. The biggest disappointment is that Sony does not discount the PlayStation Vita games anymore, even on Amazon, which means you have to pay the full price for the digital copies of most of the software library. Considering the prices of the consoles are going up as years go by, and the negative reviews. It isn’t cost-effective to buy the console in 2021.

User Interface

The PS Vita’s user interface has not changed, unlike the PS3, even with ten years of firmware updates, and still works in 2021. Console navigation is very fast, and there are numerous toggles and settings for tweaking, which are a show of good organization.

All the disadvantages of the device are still present, such as how the saves are tied to game apps. Some features no longer show, such as YouTube, Near is disabled, and Twitter has been a no show with no update in almost five years. The web browser is usable, and apps like the Calendar work and ideally store cookies to enable you to navigate more easily, but they rarely work.

Remote Play is possible for the PS Vita and PS4 game console, but not on the PS5 consoles, which a bit surprising considering the PS Vita’s age. Messaging and Friends List are still barely functional and do not work or show as they used to.

All in all, despite the console’s shortcomings, it has withstood the test of time and is easier to cart around compared to its bulkier counterpart, the PS4. Before buying the PS Vita, it is worth considering the above and the fact that software prices are up the roof, the price of memory cards, and other factors.

ps vita
ps vita


Which is the best PS Vita to buy?

Two types of the PS Vita are available, but from the reviews, they have very few differences: the PS Vita 1000 and the PS Vita 2000. The PS Vita 2000 is also known as the PS Vita Slim for its sleeker and slightly smaller frame. Overall, there are very slight differences between the two consoles, but the PS Vita Slim does not have the OLED display of its predecessor, which makes its performance and contrast poorer.

Depending on the retail and shipping price on Amazon, a good recommendation would be to buy the PSW Vita 1000, but not to say the PS Vita 2000 is not adequate. The PS Vita 1000 had a 3G version, which saves cookies, but which we do not recommend unless you get a good sales bargain on it on Amazon or other sites. It is heavier than the average Wi-Fi model, and most of the network features are discontinued.

Can I charge my Vita with a phone charger?

The new generation PlayStation Vita can charge via Micro USB cable, meaning you can use most smartphone chargers to charge the handheld console’s battery. This is good news for most consumers as the PS Vita has a battery with only six hours of performance per charge.

Most people will have their smartphone chargers with them wherever they go, and it is easy to plug the charger into any AC outlet wherever you may be. This is a convenient aspect, which means if you forget your Vita charger, you can still enjoy gaming wherever you may be with no problem, or you can purchase on the go on Amazon. All you need to do is ensure the AC Adapter is compatible with the Vita.


The PlayStation Vita, despite the problem of some of its features being disabled, remains an enjoyable, comfortable to hold, and sleek looking console, which has retained functionality, responsiveness, and ease of use. You may have to pay more for it on Amazon or wherever, but that depends on how badly you want the console. You can place sales alerts on various sites such as Amazon or subscribe to their newsletter so that you know when there are discounts.

The biggest plus maybe its remote Play, which means you can still play when away from home. Ultimately, your gut instinct will show you the way after weighing all the pros and cons, and the PS Vita consoles remain trademarks of their time, and for easier shopping, Amazon Prime stock these consoles.

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