Best CenturyLink Compatible Modems

CenturyLink Modem
  • Most modern homes, offices, schools, and other public places have high-speed internet connectivity from various internet providers. With a CenturyLink fiber internet connection, customers use modems and routers with 100 mbps and above. However, with modern technology, modems, and cable modems have been combined into one device via inbuilt wireless routers. Combo router and modem allow you to save on buying two devices which should each be a CenturyLink compatible modem.
  • While there are many types of combo modem and routers in the market, and each has its customers, and all rights reserved. Different internet providers have specific compatible devices. We shall look at CenturyLink compatible modems. Being a telecommunications company in the U.S. CenturyLink is a very popular company in the U.S for clients who are looking for digital subscriber lines and CenturyLink internet connections.
  • If you are a subscriber at CenturyLink, the telecommunications company may have already offered to rent you a CenturyLink DSL modem, instead of buying a CenturyLink compatible modem. This is not a cheaper option, considering CenturyLink charges each customer a price of $9.99 per month for using the CenturyLink modems. Using a modem for CenturyLink fiber services might not offer you the security and performance you can get from a self-bought modem of choice.

What modems are compatible with CenturyLink?

There are numerous CenturyLink DSL compatible modems in the market with various speeds and other features. If you want to buy a modem and are not sure if it will work with CenturyLink, head to the official CenturyLink website and see the full list of the best CenturyLink modems, and the types of DSL in use in your area. Here are some options of modems compatible with the CenturyLink service.

#1. ZyXEL C3000Z DSL Modem for CenturyLink

The ZyXEL C3000z DSL internet modem is dual-band, and specifically designed to work with firmware from CenturyLink. Out of all the CenturyLink compatible modems in the market, this is the most compatible. The DSL modem has four Ethernet ports for direct connection to other devices. The DSL modem has a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and another Gigabit LAN port. Its security features to monitor and secure your traffic and network. 

The ZyXEL C3000Z couples as a router and a modem. The router is dual-band and on the 5GHz band, offers speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, and on the 2.4 GHz band, offers speeds of up to450 Gbps. The speeds depend on the CenturyLink DSL Wi-Fi internet services you are paying for.

The ZyXEL C3000z modem side of the device offers VDSL2 bonding with vectoring. Vectoring reduces crosstalk and gives you a performance of 150% and operator range improvement. With this modem, you can create separate networks, complete with 4 SSIDs. 

You can create different WLAN networks for data, video, and guests for your CenturyLink internet plan. This feature is especially useful when you need a separate network for heavy streaming like online-gaming and another that offers light speeds for reading emails. This feature also lets you create a CenturyLink network for guests so that they do not jam the main network Wi-Fi internet speeds. 

#2. D-Link ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-520B) 

The D-Link ADSL2+ Modem Router (DSL-520B) for CenturyLink is among the best CenturyLink approved modems for its size and performance with the internet, and its affordability. The maximum speed for the DSL-520B is 300 Mbps, but it may be impossible to work at this speed in your home. Having been initially launched in the 90s as a modem, its internet speeds cannot download or upload as fast as the modern CenturyLink compatible router modems.

In the long run, the D-Link ADSL2 is good value for its cost, and due to its small size, can be placed anywhere, and you can also travel with it. The modem and router combo are fast, has good wireless coverage and you can connect a device via an ethernet cable. This ethernet cable allows you to access the internet if you are using a device like a PC that has no wireless CenturyLink capability.

If need be, you can connect your phone to the modem router. If you have subscribed to a CenturyLink digital subscriber line on your telephone, you can connect the phone line. After connecting to the DSL-520B port, you can send the internet connection from your phone to the modem.

One of the disadvantages of DSL-520B that customers complain about is that it has no USB port, meaning you cannot connect your smartphone, tablets, or some laptops to the device. It has one ethernet port, so if you think you might need more than one port, this is not the modem and router combo for you.

#3. Motorola MD1600 VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem Router

The Motorola MD1600 VDSL2/ADSL2 is a CenturyLink approved modem with an inbuilt AC1600 router. This modem has DSL speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is dependent on your internet quality. The in-built router has a firewall, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, IPv4 and IPv6 support, a VPN, and a WPA/WPA2 wireless security.

The MD1600 modem for CenturyLink is compatible with various VDSL and ADSL versions, making it an excellent choice for customers who want a modem and router. The modem is user friendly and easy to install, and the ethernet ports allow you to connect computers, gaming consoles, HDTVs, etc. The work of the modem is to make sure all the devices get excellent ADSL services.

The DSL MD1600 modem has a USB 2.0 port where you can directly plug USB flash disks, and you can share media with the network attaches storage. You can create a guest network on CenturyLink modems to ease traffic on the main network. The biggest setback with this modem and router is that its price is costly and makes no sense to buy it for basic use. You can check Amazon for a price comparison with the CenturyLink sold modem.

The modem router combo is also not compatible with bonded digital subscriber lines, which assist customers to make sure they attain faster speeds. 

#4. ActionTec’s CenturyLink-branded GT784WN 2-in-1 modem router

The ActionTec CenturyLink-branded GT784WN 2-in-1 modem router combo is an excellent purchase for people on a budget or trying to cut costs. The router goes for close to $50, which is a great bargain for a CenturyLink modem. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button makes it easy to connect the modem to a CenturyLink wireless network. 

If your computer or mobile has no internet capabilities, you can use a tether or cord to connect to the modem. This modem is compatible with various types of the CenturyLink ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line). The ActionTec modem has several ports that you can use for wired connections, and you can use it for downloading at download speeds of24 Mbps. You can also substitute this with the ActionTec PK5001A DSL modems, or ActionTec C1000A which have almost the same features. Both the ActionTec5001A and the ActionTec C1000A are easy to set up and user friendly.

The ActionTec device is backward compatible and is compatible with older CenturyLink DSL devices or devices with wireless capability. 

#5. TP-Link Archer D7 ADSL2+ Modem Router  

The TP-Link Archer D7 is among the best CenturyLink compatible, high-performance ADSL2 plus modem with an inbuilt router. The TP-Link has two USB 2.0 ports that allow you to share files and a printer with several devices on the network. When you are not at home, you can still log in to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server and you can create a guest network.

The Archer D& has a Gigabit LAN/Wan port and three Gigabit LAN ports, which makes this an excellent modem router for heavy internet users such as gamers who want uninterrupted service and larger bandwidth.

Other CenturyLink DSL Approved modems include:

#6. The Technicolor C1100T

The Technicolor C1100T has high-speed delivery and is easy to set up. It supports several devices, with the ultra-broadband wireless gateway that paves way for smoother traffic. The Technicolor C1100T modem for CenturyLink comes with a one-year guarantee.

#7. Technicolor C2000T

The Technicolor C2100T wireless router is compatible with ADSL runs at speeds of 343Mbps and has VOIP (Voice Over Protocol). It has 4GE LAN ports that allow you to connect several devices.

#7.ActionTec C3000A

The ActionTec C3000A has an inbuilt 802.11 cellular and is backward compatible with ADSL 2/2+8. Its firewall wireless security is top-notch and allows for remote management.

#8. ZyXEL C3000Z

This modem is a wireless gateway and offers high-speed connectivity and a CBRAS connection. The wireless router works only with DSL technology and needs you to be tech-savvy.

#9. ZyXEL C1100Z

ZyXEL C1100Z modem is an equally good quality modem approved for CenturyLink. It supports 80mbps download and 300 Mbps wireless speeds. The ZyXEL C1100Z has four Ethernet ports, one VDSL2 port, one phone port and one USB port. The ZyXEL C1100Z supports WPA/WPA2 and WEP wireless encryption and WPS setup.

The ZyXEL C1100Z has auto-detect and is easy to set up and use.

CenturyLink Compatible Modems Buying Guide

With new technological advancements, CenturyLink internet connections have become more reliable and faster. CenturyLink DSL internet service has vastly improved over the years, and when choosing a modem, you might want to consider several factors.


Your modem options will depend heavily on your CenturyLink plan pricing. You have to look at your plan pricing and check the download speeds promised, and whether the modem can match up. In the future, you might consider options to upgrade your plan, so it only makes sense to invest in a good modem with excellent download speeds.

DSL Capabilities

Along with the CenturyLink plan and internet speed, you need to consider the plan’s technology. For example, when you choose the best CenturyLink Compatible modem, you will be given the options of ADSL, ADSL2, VSSL2, or GPON. These are technologies in telecommunications that determine the mode of data transmission and receipt to and from the device.

ADSL is better than DSL because its data transfer rates are higher. ADSL2 is twice as fast as ADSL, but if you choose a modem with the wrong technology for your CenturyLink Wi-Fi fiber internet plan, you will be unable to optimize the extra speeds.

Wireless Capabilities

All the above CenturyLink compatible modems are examples are all combos, which means they all have in-built routers. If you are looking for excellent wireless speeds, you need to buy a dual-band of 2.4 GHz ,5.4 GHz, or higher modem. The Wi-Fi 6 wireless modem router offers almost the same speeds as when you are connected using an ethernet cable.

Wired Ports

As mentioned before, wired internet connections are faster. If you intend to wire several devices, make sure the modem is capable of supporting them all. Most modems come with one or two ports, and a few good ones come with at least four. The speeds of the ports in the CenturyLink modem are also a significant factor. Some of the ethernet ports offer Gigabit speeds and some of the ports cannot go beyond 100 mbps.


Once in a while, you will need access to the CenturyLink compatible modem’s firmware. You can only do this via vectoring upgrade firmware. If your modem does not have this capability, it may be rendered incompatible, so you need to make sure it does.

Remote Capability 

You may need to let various internet traffic sources connect to your Wi-Fi network. This is significantly handy when it comes to HD streaming, Videoconferencing, and other activities that require high-speed internet services and high download speeds. To do this, get a CenturyLink Broadband Remote Access Server (CBRAS)compatible modem such as a Technicolor C1100T.


Always invest in modems that have a firewall and encryption software. The internet is full of malware and viruses that can attack your DSL modem and wreak havoc on your devices and your data.

Price of the Modem Router

Your ultimate goal in buying a CenturyLink modem is to save some money. There is no point in buying an expensive modem that you will hardly use. A major consideration is how long and how often you will use the CenturyLink DSL modem, and chose a price range based on that.


Where can I buy a CenturyLink Compatible Modem?

DSL technology is different from region to region, so finding a CenturyLink DSL compatible modem is not easy. Buying a modem is the cheaper option instead of renting, but you can buy a modem through CenturyLink at a lower price. This way, you are assured of getting a CenturyLink compatible and functioning device that will work with the service for at least $200. You can also buy a modem from Amazon, but for more money.

Most sellers do not stock CenturyLink DSL modems, but if you have installed CenturyLink fiber internet, you will not have to look for a modem, as CenturyLink will provide one to each customer at no extra cost. However, it may be worth noting that instead of using Wi-Fi, using a wired Ethernet connection makes your internet signal stronger.

Is Netgear Modem Compatible with CenturyLink?

Most of the Netgear modems, such as the Nighthawk d7000 work perfectly with CenturyLink’s ASDL Wi-Fi plan. Some of the more modern Netgear DSL modems may be compatible with VDSL, but if you opt for this, you will not be eligible for Netgear’s tech support. They promise to offer tech support for the Nighthawk d7000, but they rarely do.

Is the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 compatible with CenturyLink?

The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900, like the Nighthawk D7000is a CenturyLink DSL modem that is also ADSL and ADSL compatible and uses a Wi-Fi antenna amplifier, which allows you to extend the coverage if need be. It works perfectly with CenturyLink.

Why is a Zip Code Necessary?

There are different types of CenturyLink DSL technologies, with each offering faster speeds than the previous ones. Not all areas in the US support the latest DSL technology. Ask a CenturyLink representative which DSL your CenturyLink plan is on, or go to the CenturyLink official website and have a look at their menu list. You will need to provide a valid service address, street address, zip code, and email address for them to check which DSL serves your area.


Instead of renting a modem from CenturyLink, you will be better off buying one via the company instead of buying online. Do not make the mistake of buying cable modems because they will not be compatible. You have a guarantee that your CenturyLink-bought modem will be completely compatible, functional, and you will save some money in the long run. 

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