Xbox Scarlett: up to 120 FPS, the CPU will be incredible

During Gamescom 2019, Xbox general manager, Aaron Greenberg, said that the new generation of consoles, Xbox Scarlett, will have a significant CPU upgrade. If the current generation has seen a clear improvement in the GPU compared to the previous one, the next one wants to take steps forward in more directions. This means that the new games will have not only a remarkable resolution but also better stability and a higher frame rate.

We see the words of Greenberg, in translation: “We’re very happy with what we did with Xbox One X, and the same team that worked on it is now working on Project Scarlett. What we see today is a gaming machine with a great GPU that allows you to view games in 4K, among many other benefits. For the next-gen, however, I think you can count on a great upgrade in terms of CPU because we want you not to have to compromise with the frame rate. Yes, we can achieve 4K, but we can also bring the frame rate up to 120 FPS.”
He went on to say: “I don’t think this kind of performance is something that can be seen today, but it will be in the future. In addition, we are aiming for an instant gaming experience using SSDs: getting into the game and being able to play without times and loading screens will be a big change

These statements are in line with what Microsoft announced at the last E3. Xbox Scarlett looks like a very respectable gaming machine for sure. We hope to be able to find out more precisely what lies beneath the shell. Meanwhile, tell us: does the next-gen seem interesting to you, or are the promises not convincing you?

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