How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider? Tricks & Hacks

How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider?

Being connected to the world is more crucial than ever Google, it if having doubted this statement. Getting a decent speed from an internet provider is even critical on top of it. Unparallel speed and traffic drive the world of the internet. Wi-Fi and Wireless services are present to provide the best of service they can. 

Is it even possible to get a free Wi-Fi connection without any internet provider? It is the question we are going to look at and answer. Yes, it is possible. It is very much possible to get the internet without a connection from the internet provider. But how is the even bigger question? Therefore, let us dig in the jungle and get to the bottom of it. 

We will cover our bases by discussing what we mean by internet providers and internet connection in the first place. With the help of the extensive guide and simple follow instruction, you may right away get yourself some internet. 

Let us discuss some Wi-Fi and internet terms and details before we get to the bottom of this. After you are aware of the concept in deep, it will make more sense to apply the tangible instructions to use the internet.

In this article, you will learn:

What Is Internet?

Internet is like an omnipresent communication channel. The internet is a network of electronic communication. It connects devices to the network from the world to send and receive and do a lot more. In other words, you can communicate to thousands of miles away while sitting t home.

World Wide Web

WWW or World Wide Web is a platform that makes extensive use of the internet service to help communicate with documents and other web-resources. The data exchange is under the address known as URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). The address of the information that we see on the internet is known as URLs. URLs or the uniform resource locators are under a hypertext and accessed in various forms on the internet.

Internet Provider

The service provider allows the user internet access through their hardware and software-enabled resources for a fee. Internet providers have a giant network of physical internet cables like regular or fiber optic cables. The fiber optic cable stays in place for internet service.

Internet providers will let you use the service internet by allowing you to connect to their network. To access online content using their services. Like you take the bus to get somewhere, internet service providers or ISPs let you connect to the internet.

Wireless Providers

Wireless service providers or the regular cell phone service are the provider of using the internet on our phones network. Its network transmitting towers and satellites supports a 4G network for the data signals. 

However, with the advancement of technology 5G, is also getting up and running at some places. The availability depends on the zip code. Data signals are different from voice signals as they help get connected to the internet by joining the towers emitting signals. 


Contrary to what many believe, the Wi-Fi name does not stand for Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is a trademark phrase for IEEE 802.11. The wireless connectivity of Wi-Fi works on radio waves to provide high-speed internet and a need for a cable. When you join the internet via Wi-Fi, you are getting by either using a Wireless provider or ISP to connect to the internet.


Tethering means connecting a phone to a laptop or computer by plugging it in using a USB cable to connect to the internet. The phone works as a modem device for your computer system to get you internet access. You are indirectly using your cellular data by accessing it on the device you connect.

Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspots are quite commonly put to practice nowadays. This mobile hotspot essentially means the creation of Wi-Fi signals not by a cable but by using wireless signals. Create mobile hotspots with a smartphone or a separate mobile hotspot device for the internet without cable.

How To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider?

On average, unlimited home internet can very well cost you around 60 dollars per month in the US depending on the zip code. Getting internet at home through an ISP or internet service provider in the US is substantially expensive. Who would like to spend so much per month especially, when the monthly charges can become a burden? Go through the available options to choose. Find out what works for you to get wi-fi without the need for an ISP. Stay online and get internet without spending a penny using these methods.

Eight Ways To Get Wifi Without Internet Provider

1. Mobile Hotspots

Everyone is carrying a smartphone in their hands nowadays, the only hardware required to create a hotspot. You can use your cellular data from your wireless provider on your computer and other WiFi-enabled devices. Choose mobile hotspots to opt for free wi-fi internet without cable and internet provider.

You can use your smartphone as well plus, a sim-card enabled tablets to create and emit WiFi signals to other devices like your laptop, etc. You will not have to buy an internet connection or other things to get internet on other devices.

Moreover, you can get a separate Hotspot device for creating WiFi signals to connect to the internet. Mobile hotspot devices will use your data of the sim card to provide internet to other WiFi-enabled devices.

Of course, it is not an entirely free way to get internet, but this depends on the wireless connection provider’s deal and package. In the case you have an unlimited wireless connection from your provider, this option will let you browse on all your devices without spending any additional money. Therefore, making it free.

However, if your connection does not have unlimited data in your package, make sure to use the hotspot use cautiously. You never know which device can eat up all your data when connected over a hotspot. Laptops and other devices can go on auto-update and other data-consuming processes on their own. 

Make sure to get yourself an unlimited data package or a substantial deal on data to use it over hotspot without worrying about getting charged extra. Connect your devices to the hotspot device to get optimal use of the data. But, while being aware, the speed will also go altered with more users.


  • Wifi without internet.
  • Possible without the need for extra devices.
  • Best use of unlimited or larger data plans.


  • Not free but using the already paid-for network.
  • An Internet service provider(isp) is needed.

2. Public Wi-Fi

With the increasing demand and need to stay online and connected to the world, many cities now also provide free WiFi. Cities are a larger area and thus can be easier access to the internet from home. However, many providers allow their users to access the internet in a small radius.

However, the other side to having public WiFi is that the connections are not open to everyone. In other words, you can simply not go sit in a hotel’s lobby to get access to free internet on their WiFi in all cases. 

Almost all the businesses now offer their customers access to free internet while they visit them or take their services. For example, many restaurants will let their diners have access to their free public WiFi. Many utility providers like bars, coffee shops, offices, shopping centers, malls, subway, and more offer free WiFi.

However, the other side to having public WiFi is that the connections are not open to everyone. In other words, you can simply not go sit in a hotel’s lobby to get access to free internet on their WiFi in all cases.

Some institutions and businesses will let you access their internet when you use their services. It means you will need to have an access code to connect to their WiFi network. It is also true that most of the time, such businesses will happily let you use their internet when you show your interest in their services.

There are many applications as well that will get you the access codes to the protected WiFi network. However, make sure to have a privacy and security check of your device before connecting to such networks. Because these public networks are not potentially secured.



  • Not secure.
  • Need to have passwords and codes to access sometimes.

3. Tethering

Similar to the hotspot, tethering works on the same model on your cell phone data provider. Tethering allows you to connect your internet to the required device by using a USB cable. This way, you can create the shortcut to having an internet connection separately for your laptop or computer through your phone. 

Tethering can help you in case you only need internet on your computer once in a while. Because having an additional connection will cost you needlessly every month, when you may not have the same amount of use for that service.

However, there is a catch, when you tether your data and use it if you depend on your cell phone’s data entirely. This is fine once or twice, but in a time of consistent need, this arrangement can fail. Also, cell phone data can all get exhausted at once with the heavy use of your computer. Computers and laptops anyways tend to use more data than your cellphones.

Moreover, if you travel and use your mobile data to tether and access the laptop, signal speed and amount of data will matter crucially. If you have a prepaid connection of mobile data, all your data can exhaust early. On the other hand, on post-paid, the bill can give you a headache if not with an unlimited plan.

In case you have an unlimited pack, this can work, otherwise try and find another way. If using tethering to access the internet, make sure to do so cautiously, keeping in mind the limit set by your internet provider.


  • Easy access to wi-fi without an internet provider.
  • No need to buy a separate connection.
  • Convenient.


  • Need to connect with cable.
  • Can cost you a lot if not having unlimited plans.

4. WiFi USB Dongle

Small USB devices that provide internet instantly are also a popular choice for using the internet on the Wi-Fi. The WiFi USBs are like the pen drives we put in USB ports. Just a tiny bit on the larger side than them, though in size. These USB devices use sim-cards to access the internet via a wireless provider.

Just like you do with the tethering option, you connect this device to access the internet for your other devices like laptops and computer systems. However, WiFi USBs can let you access video streaming and perform more extensive operations as well. This feature is missing when you tether with a cable from your mobile device or smartphone.

WiFi USB dongles are a great option to get internet but, it also depends on the package you get these devices. The speed of the internet connection directly depends on the quality of the signal. 4G LTE is favorable for smooth lag-free browsing when 5G is rising too. However, 3G speeds will work for surfing but, it will struggle for large data files.


  • Easy to use.
  • Can stream large data files.


  • Speed can affect the use.
  • Need 3G and above connection.

5. Share ISP

Sharing can save you a lot of money, be it sharing a ride, a flat, or even your internet. It can get you the internet for free as well. You have to ask and check for yourself free wifi from your knowns.

When using internet-enabled devices, it is a common practice to look for available internet WiFi signals. Scanning for WiFi signals is habitual and makes sense. Scanning helps you figure out which of the internet options are available without a password and which ones are locked and require one.

This way, you may make use of widely available WiFi password generator apps. Try your luck by putting in probable passwords. It also makes sense to talk to your neighbor or friends who are using a WiFi connection give the password to help you.

You can ask your neighbor to pitch in the bill and use the internet service provider(isp) service together. However, most of them will happily share their unlimited data plans with you. 


  • Free internet.
  • No cables are required.
  • No initial connection charges and paper-work.


  • Can take time to get the password right.
  • Can be uncomfortable asking from others.

6. Free Services for Trial Period

Many businesses nowadays offer free trial options to their customers, so they try to understand their products and services before using them. Some ISPs also offer such free trial services to users. Depending on their current offer, search and decide on the deal to make use of them.

Google and follow the Free internet service provider or similar search to choose from the options available. Dial-up internet providers generally provide such free trials to the users in the form of free hour durations. NetZero and Zuno are commonly known ISPs that offer free data time. Sign up with your email address and show your interest in such websites.

Sometimes these offers can go as long as a month for free data. However, it is advisable to keep track of the terms and conditions specified by such providers. Such offers might bind you to pay for the service ultimately.

One way is to keep an eye on such offers and grab them accordingly to get free data without an internet provider. Also, signing up for the deals and giving away payment details, make sure to put a reminder to cancel the payment before the end of the trial period. It can potentially save your money from getting auto-debit.


  • Free internet option.
  • Does not require any special device like a USB dongle.


  • Deals are available for a limited time.

7. Employer or Organisations Offer

Most organizations, schools, colleges, and businesses allow their students and employees to have a free internet connection. Especially when staying on their premises. It is a great idea to check your organization for such available options to get free internet.


  • Free wifi.
  • No connection and device needed.


  • Unsecure
  • Lower browsing speed.

8. WiFi Without the Internet

WiFi is essential for connecting to the internet world. A wifi connection may let you connect several modern devices in a single network and not to the internet only. Joining local devices on one LAN (Local Area Networking) will not require you to have internet access but can work as fine for creating your local network.

LAN will not let you surf and access the internet or upload any information on the world wide web. However, it is a perfect way to connect and share data among the local devices. You may create a setup, streaming own media, controlling smart home devices, having house LAN parties, etc.


  • Free wifi.
  • No limit on devices.


  • No connection to internet.
  • Unsecure.
How does the INTERNET work?


Internet service is critical for all fields. Especially in current times when being connected to the world is more crucial than ever. As technology advances, better speed requires better access to the internet. It is possible to get wi-fi without internet and paying for it in today’s time. Wi-fi without an internet service provider sounds impossible but is possible.

You might be able to use the internet free wi-fi using a mobile hotspot, public wi-fi, phone line, etc. You can check the internet service available in your area based on your zip code. It is also possible to get wi-fi and not paying.

Think about it, how to use a much cheaper option available for mobile internet services. A mobile hotspot is one option to get wifi internet. You may choose your internet service provider to give a wi-fi hotspot to your other devices. Wi-fi without an internet service may vary based on the option you choose.

Many internet service providers are available in your area will likely be offering affordable access to the internet. High-speed internet plans and public wi-fi may vary based on the options available in the United States. 

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