How to Determine Who’s Tracking You Through Your Smartphone

  • We can all agree that smartphones have provided us with amazing capabilities and the entire world of knowledge and resources at our fingertips. Still, for all the good that smartphones have provided to our society and daily lives, they leave us open to certain vulnerabilities, such as location and data tracking. 
  • When you use a smartphone, you want to be sure that your information is private and your activity is not being tracked by another individual. 
  • If you want to be confident that you are being safe while using your smartphone, then you need to learn how to find out who’s tracking you through your smartphone. Learning this skill will help you to ensure that your calls and texts are not being diverted to another party without your knowledge. 
  • Luckily, learning how to find out who’s tracking you through your smartphone is not a difficult process. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to learn if your calls are being rerouted and if you’re being tracked. 

Who Could Be Tracking You Through Your Smartphone?

If you’re like many everyday people, you might be wondering “who would track me?”. It’s a fair question to wonder. Many people like to believe that they don’t have anything to hide, and therefore they shouldn’t worry about it. However, if you are a smartphone user, you should always want to protect your privacy. 

While you might not consider the details of your phone calls with friends and family to be sacred and private, those that use smartphones often use their devices to conduct business, access financial information, and store other sensitive information. If your device is infiltrated by a criminal or hacker, then all that information could be at risk. 

Another option is that a government agency or organization is tracking your phone calls. Naturally, you will want to know whether this is happening so that you might avoid incriminating yourself unknowingly. In this event, knowing how to learn if your calls being tracked could make a huge positive impact on your life now and going forward. 

Even if neither of these is true, it’s important to learn these skills. You might need to know how to find out if your phone is being tracked in the future and the knowledge could come in handy at any point. For anyone that values their privacy while using a smartphone, this is crucial information. 

Codes to Dial to Learn if Your Calls Are Being Tracked

Learning to find out who is tracking you sounds like a complicated technology feat, but it is actually not that hard. There are a few simple ways that you can use to determine whether you are being tracked through your smartphone. You can also learn where your phone calls and texts are being routed and even more information. 

All you have to do is dial certain codes and numbers. When dialed, these codes will give you access to all the information that you need to maintain your privacy and keep yourself safe. 

Code to Determine Whether You Are Being Tracked

The first secret code that we are going to introduce you to is a code to determine whether or not you are being tracked in the first place. The knowledge of whether you are being tracked is half the battle. Once you know that you are being tracked, you can find out more information.

To determine whether your phone calls and messages are being diverted, you must dial


The type of diversion that is taking place, if any are indeed occurring, will display on the screen. This type of redirection is often placed on those that are vulnerable manually. 

Code to Determine Where Your Calls/Texts Are Being Routed

If you do believe that something fishy is going on when it comes to your phone calls and messages, then you will want to find out where this information is going to. To find this out, you simply have to dial


Oftentimes, people will notice that calls and messages are not getting through to them. If you dial this number and it reveals that your calls and messages are being diverted to another number, it could mean that someone has gained access to information being sent to you that could be sensitive. 

Code to Turn Off All Redirections

Now that you have determined that your phone data is being tracked, you will naturally want to know how you can stop it from happening immediately. If your phone messages and calls are being redirected, then you should dial this code: 


This code is the universal way to stop redirection from your phone in whatever way it is occurring. 

Many people als ofind this useful for other practical reasons other than preventing a hacker or criminal from gaining access to your calls. Many smartphone owners use it as a way to ensure that their cell service does not charge them for roaming calls, which can redirect and cost you hundreds of dollars if you have a redirect in place yourself. 

Code to Find Your IMEI Number

While many are now accustomed to “Find My Phone” features such as what the iPhone has to offer, there is an old-fashioned way to find your phone if it is stolen. If your phone is stolen, then there is personal information at risk. The thief could access your personal and financial information. 

If you want to reclaim your property, one proactive step that you can take is to dial


which will provide you with your IMEI number. This number can be used to track the phone, even if a different SIM card is inserted. 

Preventing Being Tracked Through Your Smartphone

If you’re looking to prevent this form happening in the future, you have some options. The best thing that you can do is to install a reliable, reputable anti-virus software on your phone to monitor for attacks and infiltrators. With this protection in place, you’ll be able to detect attacks in real time and ensure they don’t meet their intended purpose. 

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