17 Web Photo Editing Applications

While having a program installed on your computer might seem like a better idea, web photo editing applications, with automatic tools, are very powerful, especially for adding effects and applying quick changes to photos. In previous articles, I mentioned some online photo retouching sites, adapted for different purposes. Here, I list some of the best free photo editing web applications to edit or retouch photos with effects and filters that make them more unique and different from the usual ones.

  1. Fotor is fast and easy, with simple tools and on-the-fly image and photo editing. Fotor is free, feature-rich, can be used without limitations and without ever having to register.
  2. PiZap, the best web application to create fun images, with many effects and photomontages to use immediately and for free.
  3. Canva is a website that, when it comes to graphics, should always be in first place, with a unique web application dedicated to photo editing and an easy-to-use, free editor with plenty of handy tools.
  4. Photoshop Express the richest and most professional free tool, is a great option if you are looking for an online alternative to Photoshop. The Photoshop Express web application is straightforward and intuitive, with advanced features with which you can start customizing your photos right away, even without a subscription. To get started, simply upload the photo you want to edit (or paste the URL if it is an online image). You can apply many automatic changes, such as whitening (for teeth), red-eye removal and stain correction, essential tools to resize and refine photos, etc.
  5. Polar improves pictures, applies filters and color adjustments and is one of the best applications available on the Internet – free, easy and professional.
  6. Sumopaint is perhaps the most powerful image editing tool available online, free of charge. This web application beats everyone in loading speed, which is crucial for a browser-based program. You will find many effects, decorations, and changes to apply to the images.
  7. Pixlr is a free, flash application that allows you to quickly retouch images and apply filters and effects to make your photos more beautiful and exciting. Pixlr, in its editing tool, stores a little Gimp and contains all the tools that one would expect from a program similar to Photoshop. Pixlr also provides an application, Pixlr-o-Matic, to apply filters and effects to image files of all types. It is impressively fast and easy to use – you just have to scroll through the effects, see the preview applied to the photo, and, when you find the one you like best, choose it right away.
  8. Pixlr also provides an application called Pixlr o-Matic, to apply filters and effects to image files of all types. It is impressively fast and easy to use – you just have to scroll through the effects, see the preview applied to the photo, and, when you find the one you like best, choose it right away.
  9. Photopea is an advanced, free, Photoshop-type editing tool, and has similar online applications for editing photos and images.
  10. Ribbet is a simple application with the old Picnik interface and includes editing tools, filters and, most importantly, many extras to create collages.
  11. BeFunky is a website that has grown and has a stack of editing tools – very amusing and different from the norm. The interface is very simple but hides a wide range of options and a fast engine that allows you to change a photo almost instantly. Images can be downloaded, uploaded, printed or shared using the respective buttons at the top right. There are many artistic effects and photo filters, even if some of them are only available for a premium account.
  12. Picozu allows you to edit photos or even create new images. Picozu is written in HTML5 and CSS3 and does not require Flash or other plugins. You can upload images from your computer or import them directly from other accounts, such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Facebook or Dropbox. Alternatively, you can take a picture with your webcam and capture images directly in Picozu. The application offers a perfect set of layer-based editing tools (as in programs like Photoshop or GIMP). There are dozens of filters and effects to give your photos a different and unique look or to edit your images and modify them manually.
  13. iPiccy. • is a new web application that offers a free online photo editor and highly innovative photo editing techniques. The options are organized in tabs to add effects, text, writing, strokes, etc. There are various tools for automatic editing, rotation, cropping, resizing, color adjustment and sharpness. There are also different painter filters, thumbnails, pencils, sepia and black and white color tones and advanced effects, such as contrast mask, image equalization and much more.
  14. Fotojet is an online publishing tool for those who need to create images for publication; it also includes a modern photo editor to edit pictures online and free of charge. You can quickly – and with presets already defined or to be customized – perform photo editing operations, such as adding text to photos, changing borders, color, brightness, cropping, frames and adding various effects to make a vintage touch or with a different light.
  15. Lunapic has a Windows type interface, a little bit heavy and with many menus, but also with lots of handy effects, such as adjustments and animations that may be applied immediately.
  16. Mara is a large collection of easy-to-use and web-based tools, including cropping, focusing, stickers, thumbnails and much more.
  17. Psychopaint is an application that turns photos into paints and is one of the best apps for painting and drawing images with a brush.

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